Bintelli 4 Passenger Enclosed Electric Car – Low Speed Vehicle w/ Hard Doors

Hi everyone, Justin Jackrel here with citEcar Electric Vehicles. I am here to do a product demonstration on our four passenger enclosed Bubble Buddy. So what I want to do is I’ll bring you in and show you all the different features and components of this vehicle, and if you have any questions please feel […]

Bintelli Electric Vehicles 6p Bubble Buddy Low Speed Vehicle (Six Passengers)

Hey everyone, Justin Jackrel here from citEcar Electric Vehicles. Today I want to show you a demonstration on our six passenger bubble buddy. This is one of our low speed models and goes up to 25 mph and can be used on roads up to 35 mph in most states. I will show you some […]

Bintelli Electric Vehicles Lifted 6pr Custom Cart Build

Hi everyone, Justin Jackrel here from citEcar Electric vehicles. Our staff here in Gainesville Florida just completed another custom build, this is our 6PR Lifted Street Legal Golf Cart. Now on this golf cart our customer asked for a couple additional accessories, we have our SS Claw Mag wheels in addition to our 24 inch […]

Bintelli Electric Vehicles – ADA Enclosed Passenger Shuttle Wheelchair Ramp

Hey everyone, Justin Jackrel from citEcar Electric Vehicles. Today I want to show you our ADA Enclosed Shuttle. This vehicle is actually going to be shipping out tomorrow to one of our customers so it does have some added features that are not our standard components. I’ll show you what is standard, what are add […]

Six Passenger Golf Cart from Bintelli Electric Vehicles

Hello everyone Justin Jackrel hear from citEcar Electric Vehicles. We are down here in Gainesville Florida and I want to show you our 6PF non street legal golf cart. I’m gonna go over what standard specifications come on this unit as well as accessories that are provided at no additional cost and then if you […]

Large Electric Shuttles For Sale- 28 Passengers From Moto Electric Vehicles

Good afternoon. My name’s Brett Jackrel. I’m your sales manager from Moto Electric and I’m here to review the 28 passenger electric shuttle from Moto EV. This is our biggest vehicle of our fleet, its 28 passengers. It can hold 27 guests and 1 driver, and that’s a real advantage with this cart because you […]

Custom CD Player and PA System on a Bintelli Electric Vehicles Street Legal Golf Cart

Hey everyone, Justin Jackrel here from citEcar Electric Vehicles. Our friends up at VAE Systems up in Virginia had this vehicle custom built for them. They are going to be giving tours around their port and they wanted to make sure their passengers could hear the driver while on the tour. So they wanted us […]

27 Passenger Electric Tram Shuttle | Wheelchair People Movers for Sale

Good afternoon. Brett Jackrel, Sales Manager here from Moto Electric Vehicles. Today we’re at beautiful Atlantic Beach, Florida, to review the 27 passenger ADA Tram and we’ve been getting a ton of orders on these guys. If you a question after this video do give us a call or talk to one of our sales […]

9 Passenger Enclosed Electric Shuttle from Bintelli Electric Vehicles

Hey everyone, Justin Jackrel here from citEcar Electric Vehicles. Today we have our 9 passenger enclosed electric shuttle that I want to give you a quick product demonstration on. We will go over some of the standard features and components and if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us, our phone […]

Electric Shuttle Cart 15 Passenger Parking Lot Tram – Bintelli Electric Vehicles

Hello everyone, Justin Jackrel from citEcar electric vehicles here. Today I want to show you about our fifteen-passenger electric shuttle. It’s actually the most popular model in our citEcar lineup because it’s great for any facility with a parking lot. Some of the most common uses are in churches, theme parks, resorts and hotels, hospitals […]