🤬DROGBA RANT! “F****** DISGRACE!”🤬Chelsea vs Barcelona Football Flashback (Champions League 2009)

442OONS FOOTBALL FLASHBACKS Hello, I’m Didier Drogba. That’s Super Chunky Lampard. Schlong Terry. And Cashley Cole. We’re a Wheatus tribute band… Named after the Barcelona team we played in the 2009 Champions League Semi-Final… I give you… CHEATERS The score 0-0. Essien! What a dude! Bye bye Lionel! He groped Malouda! Pen! In the box! […]

Game Theory in Football Explained

Football has more money than ever before, and it has made some football clubs enter a perpetual cycle of hiring managers, spending huge sums of money, and when things go awry, sacking the manager and doing it all over again. This endless pursuit of immediate success and lack of stability is the result of poor […]

Antonio Conte’s Inter Milan Tactics Explained

Inter have made a strong start to the Serie A season under coach Antonio Conte. Conte, who has won Serie A three times as a manager with Juventus, as well as the Premier League while at Chelsea, has instituted the three man defence that served him well at both his top flight title-winning stints. After […]

Should Football Goals Be Bigger?

Football goals have barely changed in shape or size in over 150 years. In a smoky London tavern in 1863, the newly-formed Football Association dictated the distance between posts should be eight yards Crossbars, marked eight foot above ground, didn’t become mandatory until 1882 with both Sheffield FC and Queens Park simultaneously boasting to be […]

Assassinations, Football and Trump: The Story of Shakhtar Donetsk’s Rinat Akhmetov

The arrival of a new owner can be precipitated by any number of seemingly random events. Take Sir Alex Ferguson’s legal battle with two Manchester United shareholders over the stud rights for a racehorse, which in turn opened the door for the Glazers to take control of the club. Or even former Thai prime minister […]

😁LUIS SUAREZ BITE😁 by 442oons (Suarez Evra Ivanovic football cartoon) Seven Sins of Suarez

442oons Chewy: You stood on my foot! Backalley: Oh no, I didn’t. Suarez: Oh yes, you did! Backalley: Oh no, I… Suarez: (yells and starts biting) Backalley: Ouch! Ouch, Suarez! OUCHHHHHHHHHHH! (Sobs) Backalley: Suarez bit me. And that really hurt. And it’s still hurting. Commentator: Oh, Ghanarrhea must score! Suarez: (slow-motion groan) Commentator: Oh my! […]

Are Corner Kicks Becoming Irrelevant in Football?

Corner kicks are always greeted with a thunderous roar. They bring hope, however hopeless they actually prove to be. Statistically, corners are football’s least effective set-piece and are in a worrying state of decline. Since 2000, across Europe’s big-five leagues, they have led to a goal just 3.3 percent of the time. 4 in 10 […]

The Funniest Chants in Football With Lyrics ||HD||

-Los cánticos más divertidos del fútbol- Robbie Savage, parece una chica Parece una chica Parece una chica Robbie Savage, parece una chica Perdemos todas las semanas No sois nada especial Perdemos todas las semanas Perdemos todas las semanas Perdemos todas las semanas No sois nada especial Perdemos todas las semanas Se fue porque sois mierda […]

Frank Lampard’s Chelsea Tactics Explained

Frank Lampard’s tenure at Chelsea has begun with some good football but less than great results. A high-scoring pre-season, which saw plenty of goals scored and conceded while using Lampard’s preferred 4-2-3-1, has given way to a less successful start to competitive football and a return, of sorts, to Maurizio Sarri’s 4-3-3 with Jorginho anchoring […]