SAMUEL UMTITI / ALEXANDRE LACAZETTE | Commente-moi si tu peux 🎙🎧⚽ | Team Orange Football

Action. Beginning of this World Cup. One will be enough. Oh no, we have to do it again. Hahaha, zero. You won’t work on TV, that’s for sure. I sure won’t be. One will be enough! I’m ready, I’ll do it. Shoot! Yeah, that’s a job for him. Talking, media, microphones, cameras… Beginning of this […]

PRESNEL KIMPEMBE / THOMAS MEUNIER | Joue-La Comme ⚽ | Team Orange Football

Hi everyone. So, Thomas, the goal is to take part in “Joue la comme” you’ll try to guess the players or the things I’m miming. Are you ready? – Yeah, I hope you are too. Don’t look, don’t cheat. It’s all good, brother. Don’t even need it. Yeah, that’s good – Easy. Well done. I […]

The Champions (League Draw): Last 16 Match-Ups Confirmed for 2019/20

What happens when the top 16 teams in the Champions League are split into two pots and paired together in a knockout competition? This is what the Champions League draw is. I can’t wait to visit Europe’s best clubs. It will make picking my next team so much easier. Rafaella’s birthday party is around the […]

The Champions: Season 3, Episode 6

Is this the Keepers’ Union?! I noticed something in the sky… a giant meteor heading straight for Earth! I’m asking you, goalkeepers, to save the Earth! I have an idea. Gentlemen, meet ze gigantsky mega vratar. Also known as Goaltron. It’s coming left! No, you vollpfosten! It’s right. We need to dive right! Nein! Manuel, […]

An Early Look At Mourinho’s Tottenham Tactics

Jose Mourinho has returned to the Premier League after his spell at Manchester United. Although that stint yielded three trophies, it’s hard to see at as a significant success overall and the Portuguese manager will want to rehabilitate his reputation in English football. At Tottenham Hotspur, he has an excellent opportunity – a squad of […]



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Is Manchester United’s Lack of Success Finally Impacting Their Finances?

In May 2018 Ed Woodward, Manchester United’s vice-chairman said that “Playing performance doesn’t really have a meaningful impact on what we can do on the commercial side of the business.” In the Stretford End, hardcore United fans were unimpressed with the comment at the time and no doubt Woodward is squirming after the club’s moderate […]

Luis Suarez Picks His Top 5 Strikers of All Time

I want you to name your top five strikers. I know we are putting you on the spot, but if you can go from 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Who are your top five strikers, and if you can, give me a little bit of the reason why? – No. 5, itÕs so difficult. I […]