PLAYING KIDS at FOOTBALL!! – Meeting the 9 year old NEYMAR ??

playing kids at football kids play football

🔥RAMOS vs LOVREN: Football Challenges!🔥

🔥Football Challenges: Europe vs South America!🔥

FOOTBALL CHALLENGES: SOUTH AMERICA VS EUROPE SPRINT RACE CHALLENGE On your marks, get set, go! Oh no! This is my penalty run not my sprint run! Full speed ahead! Can’t go on… This shirt, it just weighs too heavy on me. 72m! A new PB! Yes! This is even easier than winning the Champions League! […]

Guava Juice Roast (DISS TRACK) 🔥 Roi Wassabi Parody

before you give this video a thumbs down I’m going to listen to all of you guys who told me that in the beginning of my videos I should do this instead up at the end this video is all a joke it’s all just for fun I like guava juice and in fact I […]

We Try To Escape 5 Stars In Grand Theft Auto 5

– The freeway is over here somewhere. (tires screeching) I don’t know why I stopped at a red light, I forgot what I was doing already. (energetic music) (police siren wails) – I used to do this when I was younger. – I like doing the missions in Grand Theft Auto, but I’m not very […]

🏆MESSI vs RONALDO vs VAN DIJK!🏆 The Best Awards: Football Challenges

Football Challenges: Van Dijk vs Messi vs Ronaldo! Who is ‘The Best’? The Sprint Challenge! On your marks! Get set… Wait! We already know who the winner is… Top speed in last season’s Champions League – me! 34.5 km/h vs Barca. When you lost 3-0? Yes, a week before we beat you 4-0 in the […]

Tug Of War Ice Bath Face Off

hey guys. Here’s a… so Free Time… What have we got here? We got water! [ music plays ] we got ice This is all ice. I don’t know if you guys can see that oh no! It’s gonna get so cold! OH MY GOD! that’s not ok This is the intro toTug of War! […]

Fußball Challenge | Ahmed Kutucu | Elfmeterschießen | FC Schalke 04

Ahmed: Can I go? Ahmed: Hey, hey, what are you doing? Glück auf and welcome to the latest video on this channel for the greatest club in the world. I’m Nick and I’m taking part in a penalty shootout today against Ahmed Kutucu with Markus Schubert in goal. I’m excited to see who wins. We […]