What Is The Ultimate All Rounder Bike? GMBN Vs GCN

– Right, I think cross country mountain bikes could be the ultimate off-road bikes. They’ll go up anything, they’re super light, and you can pretty much ride down everything as well. – Alright, I’m not gonna disagree with that, Neil, but if you ask a roadie what the ultimate do-it-all bike is, they’re probably gonna […]

Funny Football Challenges • KONZI vs MAX

Hi guys! The fist challenge will be a simple crossbar challenge. Each player has 5 shots, the most crossbar hits win. Wow, don’t know why you are explaining this actually! Let’s do thiiis! Let’s go! This won’t be easy, Max! Now you have to hit each shot.. Air Rabona counts for three! Nutmegged! This also […]

Ultimate Football Challenge • New Balance Furon vs Tekela – freekickerz

Yo Lukas! Yo Felix – how you doin? Listen – I have got these awesome boots on me and I believe we should be ripping them apart. You wanna battle? You wanna lose? On my way, mate. Hey Folks, we are the freekickerz and today we will go through three challenges with the brand new […]

Hello Neighbor In Real Life FOOTBALL! Steel Kids

(running sounds) (intense music) – Woo! Yeah, I got it! – Woo! First try! (playful music) – Huh? What are my neighbors doing over there now? Football, huh? I like football. (running sounds) – (evil laughs) (air whooshing) – Aw, dad! What happened? – Don’t worry about it, Shawn. I got a whole bag full […]

🔥MBAPPE vs NEYMAR vs CAVANI: Football Challenges!🔥

Footballer Challenges! Mbappe vs Cavani vs Neymar! Dizzy Penalty Challenge Hey, I’m first No way, I’m first I’m first, it’s in my contract Well I’m the oldest Well I’m the most expensive Come on Edison – let Neymar go first Oh, stop sucking up to him, Kylian You kiss-ass… Okay, Edison… You can go first… […]

Thomas, Percy and Diesel | Hot Turbo Tug-of-War Challenge with Thomas and Friends!

Welcome, my friend, to the turbo tug of war challenge! Give it up to our first contenders! And they will be – Diesel 10 – very powerful engine! And his opponent – Oh, right! – Turbo Thomas! The contenders are ready and we can begin! Oh, man! What a powerful start is being demonstrated by […]

Neymar vs Messi: FOOTBALL CHALLENGES! (Parody Brazil vs Argentina 3-0 2016 World Cup 2018)

Football Challenges: Neymar vs Messi! The ‘HOW MANY PENALTIES IN 20 SECONDS?’ Challenge HURRY UP! SHUT UP! Jesus Christ – HURRY UP! SHUT UP!!! You’re going to miss anyway… Well that was dreadful… Well that was dreadful! The ‘FIGHT’ Challenge! I didn’t even touch him! He DIVED! I KNOW RIGHT! The ‘DRESSIN-UP’ Challenge Ahhahahaha! Oh, […]

Lewandowski vs freekickerz vs Aubameyang – Football Challenge

Hello and welcome to our new Video, my name is Konzi and my name is Max, and today we have the challenge of the year You could say challenge of the century of the Millenium Of the decade!? of a million years? Millenial? Impossible! it’s cursed Goalie has warmed up? this is stressful now now […]

Tug-O-War and How They Met – Total Bragging Rights – S1E1P2