🏆RONALDO vs MODRIC vs SALAH🏆 The Best 2018! (Football Challenges)

⚽️🎄12 Days of Football Christmas 2019🎄⚽️

It’s the 12 Days of Football Xmas 2019! – let’s do this! On the first day of Xmas, Joe Gomez gave to me… A Black Panther costume, yippee! On the second day of Xmas, a present from Milly… Two fingers wagging And a Black Panther costume! yippee! On the third day of Xmas my bald […]

HOW2: How to Play Golf

– Fore! (laughs) Whoa, talk about a ”crack shot”, am I right? (laughs) – Ugh. Hey everyone. – Today, Pear and I are showing you How 2 Play Golf. – [Pear] Have you even ever played golf before, Orange? – Nope. But I totally just read up on it. So I’m good to go. I […]

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated Series | Rocky ka Ghar | Wow Kidz

Look at that puppy, it is crying so loudly. He looks unwell too, he seems to be a stray with no one to look after him. Let’s take him to Doctor Jhatka and get him cured. Hello puppy, come, we will take you to the Doctor Jhatka. Don’t be scared little one, we will take […]

🤣MESSI FAILS AGAIN! FOOTBALL REACTS!🤣 (Brazil 2-0 Argentina Copa America Semi-Final 2019)

The football world reacts to Messi failing at international level. Again! Knocked out again. What a shame. Really? Yes. A terrible shame. Daddy? Are you okay? You normally throw a party when Messi gets knocked out of a major tournament… Messi?! I was talking about the England Women’s Team. Messi es un burro! Yes! That’s […]

Football Rocker — Mother Goose Club Rhymes for Kids

[music plays] Football Rocker [music plays] I’m a football rocker. I’m a football rocker. I’m a football rocker, and I rock at football. I’m a football rocker. I’m a football rocker. I’m a football rocker. I’m a football rocker, and I rock at football. You say you’re who? And what do you do? I’m out […]

FOOTBALL SECRET SANTA with Ronaldo, Messi, Suarez, Neymar, Zlatan, Muller, Pogba and more! Parody

Who’s The Football Daddy?

Last week, my baby boy arrived. Which made me question, who’s the Daddy? Because it’s certainly isn’t me. Can you guess the football daddy? I’m your son! Who the hell are you? Who’s the daddy? Oww! Baby bit me! And it really hurts! And it’s still hurting! Who’s the daddy? (Caveman Voice) (Laughing) Who’s the […]

🔥MBAPPE vs NEYMAR vs CAVANI: Football Challenges!🔥

Footballer Challenges! Mbappe vs Cavani vs Neymar! Dizzy Penalty Challenge Hey, I’m first No way, I’m first I’m first, it’s in my contract Well I’m the oldest Well I’m the most expensive Come on Edison – let Neymar go first Oh, stop sucking up to him, Kylian You kiss-ass… Okay, Edison… You can go first… […]

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