Not Your Average Soap Box Race – Red Bull Formulaz 2014

We drink tea in Rize We watch Formulaz in Ardeşen. I came especially for Kenan Sofuoğlu

Böyle modifiye yok | VW GOLF MK1 Custom

We’re together with a full of butterflies and crazy car. We came to the first turn. Yes. Very good! Its performance is very good on turns. It’s like I’m driving a loud go-kart car. Hello everyone! Today we’re together with a sweet but full of butterflies car. It’s a 1st generation Golf, has very unusual […]

Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI review

2012 Hyundai Veloster Rally Car Reveal | Rhys Millen Racing | Hyundai

(electric guitar music) (wind blows) (engine roars) (engine roars) (tires chirping on pavement) (engine roars) (tires squealing) (transmission shifting gears) (tires screeching to halt) (engine idling) (car accelerating rapidly) (transmission shifting through gears rapidly)

Drift Racing in Egypt – Red Bull Car Park Drift 2013

This is the first drifting event I took part in. I won Red Bull Car Park drift two years in a row. We’ve been preparing for this competition all year. The competition is tough this year. Cars are very powerful. We made a great effort. I’m sure I’ll win Red Bull Car Park Drift 2013. […]

Gadget Racers (Choro Q HG) Walkthrough Part 6: P-License and Tune Ups

Today, we take the P-License. All of the license tests are identical to the O-Tests except for the different car and time limit. This Jeep has 4 gears, and therefore you need to brake earlier than you did with the AE86 the Gold rank for all the P-tests are 0:02.0 seconds or more on the […]

Racing Remote Control Cars : How to Drive an RC Car

Robbie for expert village we’ll talks about driving. Now most folks get a little bit confused when it comes to driving on an RC track for the first time. They’ll see the experienced guys out there and their really moving along pretty fast so they’ll get out there and they’ll try to drive just as […]

The making of “2 INSANE” Formula Offroad buggy – Raw footage behind the scenes

It didn’t exist any car out there that we wanted to buy. Because we wanted the worlds best Formula Offroad car. We decided to order new parts and start building our own car. It’s been 6 months since I broke my neck You can see the scar from the surgery here. When that happened, we […]

Volkswagen Golf R Variant FULL REVIEW 310 hp VW estate Kombi 2018 – Autogefühl

Snowboarding Without the Snow

(electronic music) – [Jason] Anything you can do on a snowboard, you can do on a mountainboard. (loud rocks) I love the feeling of being in nature and charging down the mountain. (intense drum music) I wanted to keep that feeling all year round, so we built what’s called a mountainboard. (electronic music) My name […]