VW Golf TDI Review | Wynter’s Turbo Diesel Hot Hatch

Alright, so here we’ve got the Volkswagen Mark Four Golf. I almost forgot the name of my car. That’s bad. I’m Wynter from The Left Pedal, and today we’re going to be reviewing the Mark Four Volkswagen Golf. Alright, so here we’ve got the mark for Volkswagen Golf. It’s actually a TDI and not GTI. […]

Range Rover v Porsche Cayenne drag racing off road – autocar.co.uk

The thing about the Range Rover, and this one in particular, is just the way it wafts along the road. You can actually feel your heart rate going down and just your mood lifting. As a result, you don’t really want to pile down the road in this car fast; you just want to bumble […]


190 at the end of the straight and we’re still walking. It’s crazy Hi everyone, today I’m at the Franciacorta circuit with my friend Max — because today we’ll go super fast with his beast over there Golf super pumped with 400HP Together with us there are also this usual group of crazy guys that […]

2018 Volkswagen Golf Review – Cars.com

full disclosure I’ve been an auto journalist for 15 years and the Volkswagen Golf and GTI have consistently been favorites for their blend of peppy road manners hatchback practicality and bottom line accessibility and it’s not just me the cars.com editors have given them plenty of awards through the years from the GTI’s 2015 cheep […]

Volkswagen Golf SV review

The Volkswagen Golf is VW’s most popular model in Britain. In fact, it’s one of the most popular cars on sale today. Last year alone, VW sold over 59,000 of them in Britain and that’s credit to its performance, economy and practicality. But for those buyers who want a little bit more, VW now offers […]

2018 Honda Civic Type R Vs. 2018 Volkswagen Golf R — Cars.com

The Honda Civic Type R and Volkswagen Golf R are two cars that are similar in a lot of ways but they’re also quite different in others. Now that might sound a little crazy but hear me out. They’re both four-door, compact hatchbacks. Both have turbo 2-liter four-cylinder engines that make around 300 horsepower and […]

Casey on Cars: 2018 Volkswagen Golf R

Today’s edition of Casey on cars is a little bit selfish. I’m looking to replace my personal vehicle, which is a 2011 BMW 335. I loved that car, but it’s lived in the shop and I’m just sick of it. So what do I replace it with? Well, I know I want something that’s four […]

2016 Volkswagen: Car Technology – SD Card Reader

In this video we’ll be showing you how to use the SD card readar on the 2016 Volkswagen Golf R. Start by powering up your entertainment console and selecting the menu hardware button. Next take your standard SD memory card and insert it into one of the two available SD card slots located in the […]

Why Not to Buy a Car with Stop/Start Technology

rev up your engines, today I’m going to talk about that modern auto stop-start system that some cars have, where your driving down the road and when you come to a stop and you’re sitting, it turns the engine off, and then when you step on the gas it starts back up and runs, now […]