Offroad Fail – Car Crash 2019 – 4×4 fails – great scenes

Top 10 Greatest Movie Car Chases from the 80’s | Donut Media

1980’s Cinema saw the rise of amazingly cheesy blockbuster films. But big budgets meant big chases and crazy action. Here are the top 10 greatest car chase scenes from the 1980’s. Starting off the list at number 10 is “Against all Odds” from 1984. This classic chase involves two jocks racing a red Porsche 911 […]

I Crashed A Self-Driving Vehicle!

My dog crashed the self-driving vehicle ♪ intro music Hey guys, it’s Molly here again for another video and it’s time for another story starring this guy You Starring you Yeah! he could care less honestly, so Yes, I somehow managed to crash self-driving vehicle. I don’t have a treat for you. He thinks I […]

23-Year-Old Survives Horrific Car Crash Involving Alleged Drunk Driver

how could anyone survive this a car is literally split into nine one one major major accident paid to vehicles when one person is laying on the side of the road was he thrown from the car yes lot of blood the impact sends the innocent motorists flying through the windshield it was Jeff Kula […]

Homemade 4×4 buggy offroad test

Yes there is our beautiful buggy again. Yes And we still had to do something with it. I think so.. something with tires? I put tire on now, ok? It fits now. Hey see the difference. Do we have to fix it on moment? Yes you’ll have to fix this on this moment. Maybe put […]

Building a 4×4 buggy out of a Ford KA, Sierra and VW Golf!

Don’t fall hey! That’s Verhoeven, he is a skilled surfer! Here are the leftovers of our Ford KA. The front axle. And what we have there is a rear axle of a Ford Sierra. And we have a lot of metal. I think we are going to build something. -Right Just like in the supermarket, […]