Episode 3 | Mohammad Kaif | Breakfast with Champions Season 6

When you were playing for the Indian team did you have a coach who used to engage everyone? Greg Chappell, who used to… Engage everyone… You had to bring this topic up. I just wanted to take the name. – Name… – Tell me one thing. – Yes? – Among the cricketers of that era… […]

Episode 6 | Rohit Sharma & Shikhar Dhawan | Breakfast with Champions Season 6

This is the first episode with two people together. Isn’t it? Isn’t this the first time? In the episode with Hardik… One is free with the other. Happy hours it is. Happy hours… And who approved this? To come up with this idea. Boss Ritika did. Two swashbuckling openers, the best two have come. Two […]

Episode 11 | Rahul Dravid | Breakfast with Champions Season 6

People keep asking me “Why has Rahul Dravid not been on Breakfast with Champions?” That was because for the longest time you thought that to come on this show, you actually have to cook. And that’s… No, that’s not the reason. You never asked me. – When did you ask me? – God! Oh! It […]

BwC S1E2 – Zaheer Khan | Chef Zak likes it spicy!

On field he was an aggressive fast bowler But off the field, he’s always been a gentle gentleman Today I’m catching up with the man known as ‘Zak’… …with a special, friendly appearance… …from his neighbour and fellow fast bowler, Ajit Agarkar We talk about cheesecakes, coffee, the World Cup… …and of course Ashish Nehra […]

Episode 2 | Ishant Sharma | Breakfast with Champions Season 6

Sometimes, when I bowl slow during the match, Bumrah would say “Come on, rev up the engine”. And I would grunt on top of my voice. My bowling speed was 130 kmph. Bumrah would say after two balls “Has the engine not warmed up?” His speed would go up to 140 kmph. I told him […]