Archery | Left or Right?

Hey guys, this is a very quick video covering a very common beginner question when buying a bow. And that is the question of whether you get left- or right-handed equipment. This usually pops up because there are various items and accessories which go on the left side for example but are labelled as right-handed. […]

Archery | Bow Stands

[shhh-thunk] Hey guys, this is NUSensei, and today we’re talking about bow stands. Now you are probably wondering “what the heck NUSensei, that’s a pretty boring topic,” and really bow stands aren’t that complex. There aren’t too many kinds, they’re pretty easy to get, and there’s nothing much to explain. However, bow stands can be […]

Archery | Win & Win Arrow Puller Review

This is the Win & Win arrow puller. It’s shaped like a cat. It’s made out of rubber has grooves on the inside to get a better grip on the shaft and it’s shaped like a cat. It comes with a caribiner clip for easy attachment to your belt. It also has stripes, whiskers, pudgy […]

What Do You Need To Start Olympic Archery?

One of the questions that I frequently get asked is What do I need to buy in order to do archery? Normally for people who want to get into archery I recommend trying it first at an archery range or a club but let’s stay you’re at the stage where you’re buying your first bow. […]

CWC vs BEST FRIEND BATTLE ROYALE Challenge to Learn if Hacker PZ9 is Justin – Hide and Seek 24 Hours

(intense music) (group members shouting) – [Chad] Hey, hey, you guys get off of him! (shouting) – Oh, my gosh. Oh, I got tased! – Ow! – Vy, you’re here. – Chad are you okay? – Oh, here’s our camera. What the heck, PZ9 was just here. – Yeah, where is he? – But those […]

Will it drift? Binz Hearse –

Will it drift? How often have you looked at a car and wondered, will it go sideways? I am the sort of person that looks at a shopping trolley and wonders whether it will drift around my local Tesco. I do not have a shopping trolley with me here today, what I do have is […]