Sealing The Ends Of Senegalese / Rope Twist Tutorial Protective Hairstyle Part 5

Welcome to step by a Senegalese twist style in this step I’ll show you how to seal the ends of your Senegalese twists when you are sealing the ends of your Senegalese twists you want to make sure that you have a cup of extremely hot water you also need your scissors to trim off […]

Snowboarding The Wall At Kirkwood Resort_thePlanetraveler S02E07

Have you ever been in a situation where at that very moment you say to yourself, “What the heck were you thinking?” Yeah, well this was that exact moment for me. In my last video, I was in Bali, Indonesia. In this video, I am in Tahoe, California and I’m going to get back to […]

GoPro: The Fourth Phase with Travis Rice – Ep. 3 JAPAN: Peaks, Pillows & Pow

So I’m just gonna get up early and go for it.>>Breaking the law.>>Maybe, we didn’t see any signs posted.>>There were no signs that said, don’t snowboard, right?>>Dude, if God didn’t want us to snowboard there, he wouldn’t have put them pillows there.>>True.>>Woo-hoo-hoo! The snow feels good in here. Do you see it?>>No.>>Where is it?>>Shiggy.>>Sick.>>We made […]

⚽️🎄12 Days of Football Christmas 2019🎄⚽️

It’s the 12 Days of Football Xmas 2019! – let’s do this! On the first day of Xmas, Joe Gomez gave to me… A Black Panther costume, yippee! On the second day of Xmas, a present from Milly… Two fingers wagging And a Black Panther costume! yippee! On the third day of Xmas my bald […]

The Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow (Official Music Video)

♪♪ Gotta get that ♪♪ ♪♪ Gotta get that ♪♪ ♪♪ Gotta get that ♪♪ ♪♪ Gotta get that– that– that that– that♪♪♪♪ Boom boom boom ♪♪♪♪ Gotta get that ♪♪– ♪♪ Boom boom boom ♪♪ –♪♪ Gotta get that ♪♪– ♪♪ Boom boom boom ♪♪ –♪♪ Gotta get that ♪♪– ♪♪ Boom boom boom […]

Angry guy goes mad while playing badminton NOW WITH SUBTITLES

Do you have rice in your underwears? Rice noobs Meh Are you angry? Shut up, it’s not funny at all (Spits) I think i broke my back Fuck! Whats the score? 5-2 Kind of funny if the guy in blue starts to rage too Nice smash So much luck Fuck sakes, my grand mother could […]

Rudy Mancuso & Poo Bear – Black & White (Official Music Video)

Rudy: Should I gather all the pieces Rudy: To the puzzle of my life Rudy: Should I let bygones be bygones Rudy: Take what’s left and make it right? Rudy: Why not take it at face value, Rudy: See the picture black and white? Rudy: My night vision’s kind of blurry, but I’ll try Poo […]

Wheel Cleaning – How to clean aluminum and chrome plated wheels on all FCA vehicles.

Your wheels have a protective coating to prevent deterioration. But out on the road, they encounter dirt, salt, slush and harsh chemicals—elements that can destroy this protective coating and cause permanent damage. That’s why it’s important to clean your wheels and wheel trim regularly—especially if they’re aluminum or chrome-plated. Abrasive or acidic wheel cleaners, polishing […]

Rhino Rack SXB Roof Rack Installation – 2013 Jeep Patriot –

Today on our 2013 Jeep Patriot, well be test fitting the rhino rack SXB roof rack for raised factory side rails 45 inches in length, part number SXB3. And well begin our test fit by placing the front crossbar onto the roof of our vehicle. Now on this vehicle there are notches cut out into […]

How To Polish Scratches and Swirls From Black Paint! – Boss 302 Mustang | Laguna Seca

Hey guys, we’ve still got this Boss 302 Mustang in the shop. If you’ve been following us, we’ve washed it, clayed it and now we’re moving on to the polishing steps. This is a beautiful black paint job with a nice vinyl graphic that breaks it up. If you get close you can see the […]