Snowboarder vs Fitness YouTuber – Susana Yábar faces Olympic Training | Hitting the Wall

Hi, my name is Susana. I’m going to meet Alex. He won a bronze medal in 2014. My name’s Alex Deibold. We’re here in my hometown of Boulder, Colorado. I’m going to take Susana through a day in the life of my training. (HITTING THE WALL) Boardercross is a discipline in snowboarding where you have […]

Loser Gives Away His Football Boots – Ultimate Football Challenge

Hey and welcome to a new video. We are the freekickerz and today we’ve got the SkyStalker pack from adidas in a challenge! In this pack we’ve got: Nemeziz, X, Copa and the Predator, that will take over the ACE. Let’s see how we’ll cope! Let’s go! And you can win something at the end […]

Jordan vs. Josh 💪 End of the Rope Elimination | The Challenge: War of The Worlds 2

– [Female] You got this, Josh. (dramatic music) – All right guys, pick up the rope! You guys ready? Go! (air horn blasts) (crowd cheers) – It’s intense watching Jordan and Josh go head-to-head because Josh is twice the size of Jordan but Jordan’s smarter than Josh. So, is it going to be brain over […]

BATTLE OF THE BALLS – Dan vs. Phil: Golf With Friends

(Hi!) Hello DanandPhilGAMES golf clubs! P: *imitates golf swish* D: Golf clubs? That’s not the most inventive thing you could say P: Well, what could I have done? Tees? Uh, cardigans? D: Pitches.. D: Pa– Caddylads. P: Caddylads? D: *laughs* I don’t know what I’m doing. P: And welcome to… Both: Golf With Friends! P: […]

Ultimate Football Challenge • New Balance Furon vs Tekela – freekickerz

Yo Lukas! Yo Felix – how you doin? Listen – I have got these awesome boots on me and I believe we should be ripping them apart. You wanna battle? You wanna lose? On my way, mate. Hey Folks, we are the freekickerz and today we will go through three challenges with the brand new […]

TWO SANDY BALLS – Dan and Phil Play: Golf With Friends #2

Phil: Hello, DanandPhilGAMES caddy-lads! Phil: I liked it so much Dan: Oh, that’s sticking Phil: That is sticking! Dan:Thank you very much. Phil: and welcome back to Golf With Friends! Dan I can just- You loved it! Phil: *golf club noise* Dan You were like, “Yes, the golf-lifestyle!” Phil: Yeah Dan: I’m wearing expensive polo-shirts, […]

Batman vs Black Panther? SuperHero Kids Comics

– I’m going to make a yellow belt. And stripes on Batman’s cape, it’s going to look so cool. – Hey Hope! What cha doing? – I’m coloring this Batman photo with only three markers. It could be really easy, because all you need is only one color. – Hey hope, check out my mask […]

Gamer #2: TUG OF WAR | Pressure

Tug-Of-War is a two-player game that teaches pressure. You can either set it up on to Bob’s or two students. Today we have it set up on two Bob’s, so that our students can compete with each other without getting hit themselves. Select game number two, select your desired difficulty, how long you want the […]

THE TWILIGHT ZONE – Dan and Phil Play: Golf With Friends #3

P: Hello, Dan and Phil Games hole-in-ones! *SWING* and unfortunately Dan couldn’t be here today, so it’s just me (rip) D: BOOM! PSYCH! P: Who would have thought you were (D: Punk’d) actually here! D: Got ya P: Such a good disguise D: Can’t see me cause I’m wearing this P: We’ve totally used that […]

BATTLE FOR THE BOOTY – Dan and Phil Play: Golf With Friends #7

D :Yo ho ho. P: YAAAR P: Dan and Phil games, parrots! P: Cause you’re the parrots on our shoulders. D: Have I? I lost my stick! P: You lost your stick last time, I think. P: You’ve been stickless for a while. D: I’m just a ball on a turf. P: I’m a festive […]