Ozzy Man Reviews: Cricket Ball Tampering

Okay who’s talking poorly of the Australian cricket team. Who is calling us cheats? What is this fucking bullshit? As far as I can see Bancroft is fixing up his pants This is a classic boxer shorts issue He’s trying to get some fresh air to the meat and potatoes And everyone’s watching him on […]


– Welcome to South Florida. I’m Adam Bazalgette, founder of Scratch Golf Academy, two time PGA Teacher of the Year Award winner here in Florida. And today’s subject, one that affects a lot of people, how to stop hitting behind the ball. Stay tuned. (upbeat music) Okay, so how to stop hitting behind the ball, […]

Should We Get Rid of Throw-Ins in Football?

In December 2009 Arsene Wenger suggested scrapping throw-ins. The Frenchman argued that implementing ‘kick-ins’ to restart play would significantly speed up the game. Wenger was not a reliable witness. The previous month his Arsenal side lost 2-1 at Stoke City with both Potters’ goals coming from Rory Delap’s trademark long throw. That season it yielded […]

Baseball vs Cricket | Detailed comparison

Hello everyone I came across a number of videos comparing cricket and baseball Of course, I have seen the fox sports video explaining how easy it is hitting a cricket ball compared to a baseball pitch You must be really dumb if u believe the fox ‘sports science’ video created by americans to satisfy the […]

How to Play Cricket : How to Catch a Cricket Ball Above the Shoulder

Hi, this is Ash on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip, I’m going to show you how to catch a ball above the shoulder. For a ball that’s coming at a height, and if you can’t take the ball below the shoulders, the action to do is like this. So you bring your hands […]

The Bottle Cap Swing Drill Will Improve The Quality Of Your Golf Strike

Hello. I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. And today I’m going to show you a little drill that’s going to help you improve the quality of your strike and all it takes is one of these. A little bottle cap. If you’re interested stay tuned. [MUSIC] So if this is the first time to this […]

How to swing the ball? Learn from ICC certified coaches at Cricket Drome | Crikvoice

My Name is Shyam. Welcome to Drome Hopefully you would have seen the previous videos now the most important thing in bowling; how to swing the ball we are going to see about that now So u can see which side is shiny in this ball If the ball is released now, the ball will […]

How to Make a Run Out | Cricket

[Music] in this video you will learn how to execute a run out the most important thing to consider in a run out situation is how quickly the ball can be returned to the wicket the key steps are throw into the wicket keeper or bowler aiming for a direct hit and backing up an […]

Volleyball Slang Terms | Volleyball Lessons

A lot of popular slang with beach volleyball revolves around the hit, the offense. You can have a pokey, the cobra, a roll shot, a hit or a spike. There is also defensive terms, you dig a ball, you bump a ball, you pass a ball. If you fall in the sand, as if there […]

How to Play Volleyball : How to Serve a Volleyball

Hello, this is Keith Sewell on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip, we’re going to be talking about how to serve a volleyball. The player currently positioned in the right-back must serve the ball. He must line up behind the back line, and he must remain there until he contacts the ball. The ball […]