Badminton Backhand Clear: How to Improve the Timing

Now how to make the timing of hit accurate now, when you hit shuttle cock please hold the shuttle cock first and then hit it, so please take the shuttle cock with 2 actions this is what I mean, you are ready and shuttle is coming there first thing you have to do, move your […]

Badminton Pop-Up Game

Badminton Pop-Up Game Portable on-the-go Badminton Game Assembles in minutes Game includes: 1 net, 2 poles, 4 rackets, and 4 birdies Fully extend telescopic poles Make sure push-locking mechanisms are locked into place Insert the wide ends of each pole into the base openings Make sure push-locking mechanisms are locked into place Carry case becomes […]

Badminton Movement Training: Type 2 (Advanced)

Movement training – type 2 (Advanced) This is one training has developing players legs power and explosive movement so now what you do player ready and then bend half squat and ready so like that when he goes up you throw the shuttle cock so in the air shuttle is there, he lands and then […]

Badminton Forehand Net Deceptive Flick (5) Hold it as soon as possible

Forehand Net Deceptive Flick (5) Hold it as Soon as Possible Hold shuttle early as possible watch this ok this is you what I am asking you to do shuttle is there ready hold it and then go so two actions one two not one one two if you hold early, if you hold shuttlecock […]

Badminton-Fun Warming up (03) Boxing

ok ready like this like this move like this you can only touch shoulder with fingers I am attacking, you have to do like this no like this move no like this James touch me no like this, no like that touch, you have to move but no like this now I am attacking but […]

How to Play Badminton : Backhand Flick Serve in Badminton

Welcome back to Now I’m going to show you how to do a back hand flick serve. It would be the same position as we did earlier. Shoulders need to be straight, right foot needs to be forward, for the right hand players, and left foot needs to be forward for left handers. As […]

Trick shot competition – Show us your best badminton trick shots

Hey guys – it is competition time! Now you can win a yearly subscription to Badminton Famly+. All you need to do is to record your own cool trick shot and then post it on Facebook or Instagram and then use the hashtag called #Badmintonfamly+. We will announce three winners of the coolest and most […]