World Number 1 Badminton Player Lee Chong Wei ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (Eng Sub)

Im hereby to accept their challenge Ok, seems so many people challenge me, I am do it now They said 24hours, but when I reach Denmark for the badminton tournaments its already late But never mind, I still doing it Of course I will challenge three people later First one, Malaysia Defend Minister Dato Hishamuddin […]

Badminton Science: Transfer of Energy

Hi Badmintologists! Did you know that the way you move your body can affect the power of your shot? When standing still our bodies aren’t able to transfer lots of energy into a shot. By shifting our weight we can build up momentum. This momentum releases energy and if done smoothly can help to create […]

Badminton Footwork Training – बैडमिंटन हिंदी

First Exercise is one step shadow put your right leg ahead like shown bring your right leg behind like this jump and bring your right leg ahead bring left leg in front of the right again put the right leg ahead This is one repetition complete. The highlighted action is very important you have to […]

The Rules of Badminton – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the Rules of Badminton Badminton, is a game played as singles (where one person plays against one person) or doubles (where two people play against two people). The object of the game is for you or your team to win 2 sets faster than your opponent. To win a set, you must score […]

ProN8 | Badminton Biomechanics Introduction

This first video concentrates on the racket arm, underpinning the introductory technical series. The aim here is to convey purpose. Hitting the shuttle fast invokes efficient biomechanics, and so smashes and clears using a standard forehand grip are of particular interest. Here are the topics for the video. Consider striking a shuttle in a coronal […]

COBRA Volleyball Netzsystem

Der Aufbau ist einfach und geht sehr schnell und es steht wirklich nach 15 Minuten. Nutzen kann man es wirklich für alles: Beach Volleyball, Beach Tennis, Beach Badmintion. Befestigt wird es wirklich nur mit zwei Stahl Erdnägeln links und rechts Dadurch wird das Netz auch sehr gut gespannt und ist möglich stabil. Die Netzhöhe lässt […]