XXXX GOLD and Cricket – some things just go hand in hand.

Beer and cricket didn’t always go down so well. One hand, one bounce? One hand, one bounce? One hand, one bounce? One hand, one bounce! And ever since, XXXX Gold and cricket have gone hand in hand.

Backyard Cricket – Ripper Aussie Summer Ep02

(Uncle Jim laughing real creepy) G’day kids, are you lot playin’ some Backyard Crik’! (kids in unison) Hi Uncle Jim Aw, you scallywags Mind if ol’ Uncle Jim has a go? Promise I won’t go too hard on ya Alright, off you pop Okay (creepy laughter) Here we go, alright, heh heh (banging noise) oh […]

🏐 PLAYING VOLLEYBALL IN THE POOL IS HARD! 🏊🏼 (Day 1849) | Clintus.tv

(bass notes) Good morning, clan. Welcome to Sunday! Today’s the day. Bryce is getting his new bed. Whoop, whoop! So we’re all in here real quick. We just got the phone call, they’re on their way now. ‘Bout 20 minutes out to deliver it which means we got to grab the guest bed and move […]

Going to a Cricket Match in the 1930s

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Golf Life shows you the Greatest Backyard EVER!!

Welcome to “Golf Life.” We have an amazing show for you today. A little later in the show, we’re gonna head west, that way, to Las Vegas, Nevada, but right now, we’re in Austin, Texas, at the home of Dave Pelz. Let me tell you — if you’re gonna talk about the golf lifestyle for […]

Backyard Cricket T20 Series 2

Now people are joining us from all around the world. Welcome, it’s great to have you on board. Here at the GABBA Andrew Strauss has won the toss. England will bat first. It’s a beautiful day, not as humid as it is usually in Brisbane. The pitch looks pretty good. The Australian team huddled, Ricky […]

Torsion spring lift – build a buggy in your backyard

Hey folks! Great you’re watching again Last time you’ve seen I’ve shortened the buggy Today I will focus on the rear side A lot improvements can be done This is too low By accident it is a beetle rear axle with torsion springs If I’m correct it can be easy raised Let’s see if that’s […]


– [Stephen] It’s definitely starting to become low tide. Oh Grace, whoa, whoa, John, John, John, John, John. We got a problem, okay hang on. Pond monster right there. (high-pitched beep) – You see anything? – No, not out there. – Hey Sharers, what’s goin’ on. So if you didn’t (laughs) already see, in Grace’s […]

‘Build a buggy in your backyard’ part #1; engine & rear axle

Hey folks, great you’re watching again! Welcome in my beautiful outdoor workshop It’s raining here, sort of bummer I’m working on a new project which is not finished yet and therefore I don’t have a very exciting video But of course I want to share it with you I’m building an offroad buggy I’ve done […]