Badminton Backhand Clear: How to Improve the Timing

Now how to make the timing of hit accurate now, when you hit shuttle cock please hold the shuttle cock first and then hit it, so please take the shuttle cock with 2 actions this is what I mean, you are ready and shuttle is coming there first thing you have to do, move your […]

Badminton-What Destroys your backhand clear (13) Facing wrong direction

What Destroys Your Backhand Clear (13) Facing wrong direction I see many club players facing completely wrong direction when they are taking backhand clear for example let’s say my base is like that I am playing that way net is there so this player is ready opponent hits shot to his backhand side shuttle is […]

Badminton: Footwork for Backhand Clear

Now, backhand clear steps before I demonstrate the things has to be clear now, when shuttle has been hit to my backhand side every single shuttle cock is different height, length, speed is different there fore I have to have different steps different timing of steps each shot now, if shuttle goes high and deep […]

Badminton: Backhand Clear all in one

I would like to show you from start to finish of the backhand clear when you are ready ready shuttle been hit your racket follow the shuttle cock while you are doing it you have to make steps depending on how high if shuttle is high and deep you do more steps if shuttle goes […]

Badminton-What Destroys your backhand clear (12) Grip the racket centre of your hand

What Destroys Your Backhand Clear (12) Grip your racket centre of your hand I don’t think this never been discussed also I didn’t talk about this one before grip the racket in palm area will destroy your backhand clear ok then where grip should be done I am ready shuttle comes I go to hit […]

Badminton-Tips for serious players (4) Do not practice your mistakes in a match

Tips for Serious Players (4) Do not practice mistakes in a match Do not practice your mistake during a match in competition, in tournament if you are competing badminton player and playing a match and you make mistake do not practice that mistake even top international tournaments some players are doing it without knowing what […]