The story of KHC Rollball from Kilinochchi

Wheel balance is the first priority. This is a mix of three sports: basketball, netball, the wheel is important, and football. Keeping is an element from football. First when we practised it was definitely difficult but we tried it out and got used to it. Since we had an interest in it we gave it […]

The Calculating And Central Self Tug of War | PalkaDots

All right, let’s get to it. Image number two is going to be by Benjamin and Rosamund Zander as well and it is kind of an image, but it’s also more of a process. Benjamin and Rosamund Zander talk about this transformation process called going from the calculating self to the central self. And they […]

Badminton: Court awareness training

Court awareness training some interesting training this training is to develop awareness of the court feel of the court I believe when the player is waiting for opponent shuttle cock he should feel where the side line is where the rear courts line is how far that is player must have that feel so the […]