How To Adjust/Check Wheel/Tire Toe Alignment diy w/ tape measure easy and cheap

Today I’m going to be showing you how to do the front toe alignment on your car so I’ve drawn out what the front toe alignment is so your front wheels on your car should be parallel to each other. These are the front wheels and uh… that means that they should have no toe […]

Basic Car Care : How to Diagnose Car Smells

Hi, I’m Richard Goms. We’re here in Murray, Utah. We’re talking about basic car care. We’re going to talk now about how to diagnose car smells. You’re going down the highway you come to a stop, there’s a smell that you you smell in the car. It could either be normally it could either be […]

Cool Mini Cars You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

– [Narrator] With more people moving into cities and increasing CO2 emissions becoming the latest threat to our existence, smaller cars might be one solution. Some of the following 10 cars are so small that “mini” might be the better word. (arcade game noises) Number 10, the Heinkel Kabine. After WWII, Germany wasn’t exactly awash […]

Vanlife Cribs – Australia, Canada and the rest of the world in the Sprinter.

Hi everyone and welcome to our tiny home on wheels. My name is Lee, I am from Barrie, Ontario, in Canada. I am Max, I am from Wangaretta, Victoria, in Australia. And this here is Occy, he is also from Australia. So we are currently leaving from Guatemala. We have driven from Canada and were […]

Sesame Street: Let’s Go Driving

MUPPETS: (SINGING) Let’s go driving in an automobile. Let’s take a ride in the car. Listen to the motor go, vroom, vroom, vroom, as we travel near and far. Vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom. Vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom. Come on, everybody! Vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom, […]

Inspiring camper van conversions for the beautiful vanlife.

Hey-Guys-Hi everyone – Welcome to our home on wheels. Right here, we have our closet – a little bit of hanging space which is nice. So this is our full-size foam mattress that we lifted up off the floor about 36 inches so we can fit plenty of storage underneath from the backside. So this […]

Whats inside an Engine?

(heavy metal music) (upbeat electronic music) (briefcase latches snap) – Wow! Welcome back to What’s Inside, I’m Lincoln, this is Dan. Today, today, is going to be huge! – Huge! – Huge. – Crazy. – What is this? – What is this thing? – It’s squishy! It’s squishy. – XL Mobil recently launched Mobil 1 […]

Importance of Not Overfilling Gas Tank – Costly Automotive Repairs

Charles: Hello i’m Charles with the Proctor Dealerships and today we’ll talk about the importance of not overfilling your gas tank in order to save you money and maintain proper vehicle performance. Sometimes in an attempt to get the most gas in the tank for a long trip or take advantage of low gas prices. […]

Will it drift? Binz Hearse –

Will it drift? How often have you looked at a car and wondered, will it go sideways? I am the sort of person that looks at a shopping trolley and wonders whether it will drift around my local Tesco. I do not have a shopping trolley with me here today, what I do have is […]

How to check car battery short circuit? (car diagnostics)

If in your car you experience battery discharge, voltage drop or current drain you should check if your battery housing have short circuit. All you need is a multimeter. Set it to volts DC, connect one probe with battery terminal and with other one search for current on the housing. Dirt and moisture near battery […]