Off-roading with the Sprinter 4×4: A how to guide.

To be safe on different types of terrain, we have pay attention to the following: The first rule is easy. Always drive as slowly as possible and only as fast as necessary. We explore the terrain ahead, paying constant attention, otherwise we can get stuck. Of course, first of all, you have to activate all […]

Range Rover v Porsche Cayenne drag racing off road –

The thing about the Range Rover, and this one in particular, is just the way it wafts along the road. You can actually feel your heart rate going down and just your mood lifting. As a result, you don’t really want to pile down the road in this car fast; you just want to bumble […]

DETAILS of the VW Golf GTI Performance 2018 | SOUND Interior Exterior

INSIDE the Volkswagen Golf R (2019) | Akrapovic SOUND In Depth Review Interior Exterior

hey everyone welcome to Alaatin61 today I have a very special car for you the most powerful Golf R there is this is the facelift you all are asking for it and tear this what I like are the seats with the our logos integrate looks very cool of course the exterior is also different […]

VW Golf 1.4 TSI ACT Test Sürüşü – Review (English subtitled)

We are with VW Golf. 7th generation Golf with its look, driving features, quality and with its technology is very challenging as always. Let’s see if this pretense makes it superior to its rivals? The Golf that outworn six generations and reached seventh does not accommodate many new features design wise. And as always it […]

In the Driver’s Seat

This car actually has the equivalent of over 3,000 lithium ion batteries in its trunk. This car is made by the Tesla Motor Company. They had a wonderful strategy which was let’s really push electric vehicles forward by creating a car that doesn’t look like a golf cart and doesn’t handle like one either. And […]

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Auto Repair & Maintenance : How to Remove a Broken Key From a Car Lock

Good afternoon, my name is Tom Brintzenhofe and I’m a certified master mechanic out of Reading, Pennsylvania. Today we’re going to talk about how to remove a broken key from a door lock or any kind of lock. This happens to be the ignition lock cylinder, a lot of times they get jammed, people break […]

How To Adjust/Check Wheel/Tire Toe Alignment diy w/ tape measure easy and cheap

Today I’m going to be showing you how to do the front toe alignment on your car so I’ve drawn out what the front toe alignment is so your front wheels on your car should be parallel to each other. These are the front wheels and uh… that means that they should have no toe […]