How Car Steering Works – Rack & Pinion

everyone well in this video I’ll be going over steering I’ve received several requests that people want to understand what happens when you turn your wheel how does it actually turn the the angle of the tires and so that’s what I’m going to be going over in this video I’m going to go over […]

How to Recharge Your Car A/C with Sub-Zero Synthetic

Narrator: Recharging your vehicle’s A/C system is fast and easy using Sub Zero from IDQ. Sub Zero R134 refrigerant provides up to 18 percent colder air and comes with a reusable charging hose, with built-in pressure gauge. The gauge dial also allows you to adjust for outside temperature, for a proper system fill. To recharge […]

The Quickest and Easiest Way To Clean Wheels! – Chemical Guys Car Care

Today I want to show you guys the fastest and easiest method for cleaning your wheels. This Nissan has tons of brake dust collected in the barrel as well as the face of the wheel and we’re going to take all of that out using our Power Woolie. This is going to take care of […]

Custom Paint Job for Golf Carts and Electric Vehicles by Bintelli

Hi everyone Justin Jackrel here from citEcar Electric Vehicles. I wanted to point out one of the add ons that is available on all of our different models, and that is custom painting your vehicle to match your specific needs. This vehicle was requested to be painted in a bright orange color which we were […]

How To Polish Fiberglass -1962 Red Corvette – Chemical Guys Car Care

What’s up guys today in the Detail Garage we have something special for you. This is a 1962 Corvette, it is beautiful but it has been sitting so it has some minor scratches and swirls. The wheels are polished aluminum and they are covered in oxidation which dulls out the finish. We started off by […]

Repairing An Automotive Tire Bead Leak With Sealer

Aluminum wheel refinishing… So you go through here (procedure), and after you get done bead blasting it, Check this out… If the wheel had a machined aluminum finish, spin the wheel and use sand paper in order to restore the circular machined appearance. (laughing) Now that’s precision ladies and gentleman. That is precision. (sarcasm) So […]

How To Clean And Detail Matte Cars – Chemical Guys Car Care

Welcome back to Detail Garage! Today, we’re gonna show you how to care for any matte vehicle using the Complete Matte Kit from Chemical Guys. Whether you have a matte or satin paint finish or a custom aftermarket matte vinyl wrap, you need to care for it a certain way. Normal products can stain or […]

How To Restore And Protect Faded Bumpers Plastic Trim – Chemical Guys

Hey guys welcome to Detail Garage. Today we have a Porsche 911 Turbo in the shop. This car is beautiful, it’s mechanically sound. It drives hard and rides really well. The car isn’t necessarily in the best shape but that’s why they brought it to us. We can show it some TLC. The first thing […]

How To Polish Scratches and Swirls From Black Paint! – Boss 302 Mustang | Laguna Seca

Hey guys, we’ve still got this Boss 302 Mustang in the shop. If you’ve been following us, we’ve washed it, clayed it and now we’re moving on to the polishing steps. This is a beautiful black paint job with a nice vinyl graphic that breaks it up. If you get close you can see the […]

How To: Detailing Flow Chart – Detailing Steps – Chemical Guys Car Care

Today let’s talk about the steps to detailing. A lot of people have their own steps for detailing, but I’m gonna show you the proper way to detail from start to finish using our patented Detailing Flowchart. If you want to download this flowchart, check out the link below. Go ahead and print it out, […]