Betfair football – Trading under 2.5 goals explained

So here’s a really simple trade that you can do that I enjoy doing and is easy to understand and has a definable payoff and risk and what we’re going to do here is we’re looking at the France we Germany World Cup match and we’re going to use the stake of ten pound if […]

5 Things You Should Never Do In A Manual Transmission Vehicle

Hello everyone and welcome In this video we’ll be talking about five bad habits that you may fall into driving a manual transmission vehicle. And the reason I’m making this video is because you know behind the scenes there’s a lot of things happening with a manual transmission that you may not be thinking about […]

VW MKV Golf Automatic Hatch Pop Kit Install DIY | USP Motorsports

Hi Guys, Chris here from USP Motorsports. Today, we’re going to be doing an install on our MK5 Rabbit. We’re going to be doing the automatic Hatch Pop Kit. It consists of a few parts that you’re going to be changing out. It’s going to be the shock absorber, the shock peg, and also the […]