VW Golf R vs. Audi S3 vs. Mercedes A45 AMG – English subtitled

Almost 1.5 years ago, Audi presented a new S3. It had more power than the previous S3: 300 PS, and Quattro. This is it’s sister model, the 300 PS Golf R. No longer a 6-cylinder engine, but like the Audi a 2.0 4-cyl. 300 PS used to be a lot, but perhaps those days are […]

10 Fakten ❗ Die DU über den (2020) VW Golf 8 wissen solltest! Infos |Review |Details |Der-Autotester

servus people and welcome to autotester.de your autotester of trust I stand here in my car which did not really shape why my grandpa is danger my mom is I drove with it driving learned what kind of car can that be of course, the national car par excellence golf here he is now eighth […]


190 at the end of the straight and we’re still walking. It’s crazy Hi everyone, today I’m at the Franciacorta circuit with my friend Max — because today we’ll go super fast with his beast over there Golf super pumped with 400HP Together with us there are also this usual group of crazy guys that […]

Volkswagen Golf 6 R review

Good afternoon. Welcome to McDonald’s. May I take your order, please? Sure. Can I have two strawberry milkshakes, please. It’s not really a pretentious car, but it does have a horsepower of 270. 270! There are two problems with this Golf R. The first is that the first three/ four pages of its press release […]

Smallest real VW Golf in the world! RollGolf 2.0 #3

Hey folks! Great you’re watching again We’ve shortened the back.. But… it doesn’t match the front anymore I think we should shorten the front as well Like this This is what I mean; a lot of air We don’t need that The cleans up nice Most of these parts I won’t use anymore That’s a […]

Special: All generations Volkswagen Golf GTI

Tada! Here are 7 generations Golf GTI. It’s nice to see them together and see the similarities and differences between the Golf I and Golf VII. They grew up after the Golf I and II, but some elements return. The red trim in the GTI grille. The Golf GTI almost didn’t exist. Volkswagen had to […]

VW Golf, Audi A3 Sportback, Seat Leon – Familienduell

Volkswagen Golf GTD 2017 review

The additional tax liability bullshit deciding what you drive is over. Everyone pays the same additional tax liability. That’s why the differences between fun cars and less fun cars are smaller. A bigger engine or cool options don’t cost that much extra. That’s why a car like this is interesting again. We’re driving the Volkswagen […]

Caterham 620R slays Volkswagen Golf GTI – Caterham’s fastest ever road car tested

So this is the new Caterham Seven 620R. It costs £50,000. It’s got 311 horsepower and like most sevens, it weighs not a lot more than half a ton. That gives it 600-odd horsepower per ton. And let me tell you, that feels crackers. Oh, it’s just nuts driving this car. You get flies in […]

Lichtautomatik nachrüsten VW Golf V

Hallo zusammen, herzlich Willkommen zu einem neuen Video. Heute geht es um Lichtschalter Lichtschalter von einem VW Golf 5 Das ist der Standard-Serien-Lichtschalter das ist ein automatischer Lichtschalter den kann man im Internet für ein paar Euro kaufen. Der hat einen Lichtsensor Der hat hinten so ein Kabel daran und hat eine zusätzliche Stellung mit […]