’I’ve played the best football of my career this season’ | Alexandre Lacazette exclusive

Being voted Player of the Season means, for me, a lot. I’m really, really proud. After the first game last season, when I signed with the club, I saw one board where all the players who had won this award were on, and I said to my family: ‘one day, I hope I will be […]

9 Most Humiliating Penalty Kicks in Football History

In 2011, in Switzerland. Joonas Jokinen scored an incredible goal In time to kick the ball, he simply surprised the goalkeeper with this back flip. In Poland Maciek Adamiak managed to fool the opposing goalkeeper very well. after doing so … There was confusion, there was a fight… But what marked the game in the […]

Miles meets Hector Bellerin | Climate Change | Football Manager 2020

Miles: Hi everyone, my name’s Miles Jacobson and I’m studio director at Sports Interactive, who make the Football Manager series of games. I did a Twitter poll the other week amongst our users about what they think about climate change and thankfully there was only a small percentage of people who thought it was a […]

Game Theory in Football Explained

Football has more money than ever before, and it has made some football clubs enter a perpetual cycle of hiring managers, spending huge sums of money, and when things go awry, sacking the manager and doing it all over again. This endless pursuit of immediate success and lack of stability is the result of poor […]

Mesut Ozil’s agent Dr Erkut Sogut: How to Become a Football Agent

(phone rings) Maybe it’s a transfer. So Erkut, how did your idea for the book come about? I would say I was always an advocator for education. During my own experience in the past – on my path to become an agent, I realised there was really nothing outside in the world to see how […]

Inside Football’s Transfer Market

In the space of twelve weeks, a hyper-ventilating global football industry exchanges billions of pounds as a coterie of chairmen, agents, footballers and their families enter a high-stakes poker bonanza to outwit one another and grasp their cut of the winnings. It’s the transfer window, where money meets machismo, and for which the public have […]

Nerf War – Brother Battle PDK

You’re right Stephen Sharer, this Nerf N‑Strike Elite Retaliator Blaster is awesome! I love these Nerf attachments you… Carter you can’t have the Nerf Retaliator, that’s my gun! Yeah but it’s mine. Yeah what you’re gonna do? No, Carter Sharer, get back here! Get back here, you can’t have the Nerf N-Strike Retaliator. Oh you […]

Should Football Goals Be Bigger?

Football goals have barely changed in shape or size in over 150 years. In a smoky London tavern in 1863, the newly-formed Football Association dictated the distance between posts should be eight yards Crossbars, marked eight foot above ground, didn’t become mandatory until 1882 with both Sheffield FC and Queens Park simultaneously boasting to be […]

Should We Get Rid of Throw-Ins in Football?

In December 2009 Arsene Wenger suggested scrapping throw-ins. The Frenchman argued that implementing ‘kick-ins’ to restart play would significantly speed up the game. Wenger was not a reliable witness. The previous month his Arsenal side lost 2-1 at Stoke City with both Potters’ goals coming from Rory Delap’s trademark long throw. That season it yielded […]

😁LUIS SUAREZ BITE😁 by 442oons (Suarez Evra Ivanovic football cartoon) Seven Sins of Suarez

442oons Chewy: You stood on my foot! Backalley: Oh no, I didn’t. Suarez: Oh yes, you did! Backalley: Oh no, I… Suarez: (yells and starts biting) Backalley: Ouch! Ouch, Suarez! OUCHHHHHHHHHHH! (Sobs) Backalley: Suarez bit me. And that really hurt. And it’s still hurting. Commentator: Oh, Ghanarrhea must score! Suarez: (slow-motion groan) Commentator: Oh my! […]