Archery | What is Bow Tiller?

Hey guys, this is NUSensei. Today, I will be covering the topic of what is bow tiller? And, by extension, why is bow tiller important? Tiller is a measurement. It’s measured using the bowstring and the bow itself. Now there are a couple of different measurements. The first one is brace height. That’s the distance […]

Archery | Arrow Length

Hey guys, this is NuSensei. Today I want to cover a very frequently asked question about arrows, and that is: “How long should your arrows be?” There is a very short and straightforward answer. The rule of thumb is that you take your draw-length and you add one to two inches, or one and a […]

Archery | Assembling Arrows

Hey guys, this is NUSensei. I’ve had a few requests to walk through how to assemble an arrow from start to finish, and what better arrow to demonstrate this with than my new Easton X10s. Normally, you can buy individual carbon arrows, but the top level carbon shafts like A/C/Es and X10s are sold in […]

Archery | Fundamentals First

This video is intended to be an extension to a response I made to a practice video uploaded by PC Genie. This is not in any way meant to call out PC Genie – he hasn’t done anything wrong. However, I’ve seen many people make this mistake when doing practice videos and assessments, and it […]

Why Do Olympic Archers Swing Their Bows?

Hello people, this is NUSensei. I often get this question: why do Olympic archers drop their bows? Firstly it’s not just the Olympic target style recurve archers that drop their bows. Barebow target archers also drop their bows and some compound archers will do the same. Why do they do that? There’s a very simple […]

Beginners guide to archery Pt3: Archery arrows 101

Now then, we are going to look at arrows with different styles of bows. This is a wood arrow, feather fletchings, nocks, points. These are more for your traditional bows, can be used with recurves. Wouldn’t recommend wood for compounds, not at all really. Wouldn’t shoot a wood arrow out of a compound, totally not […]

Olympic Archery Q&A | Everything Explained

Hey guys, this is NUSensei. With the Olympic Games in Rio finished we have another 4 year wait until the next Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020. In the meantime, there have been plenty of questions about what people have seen on TV. Now, I have already made a video covering immediate questions people had […]

Archery | Buying Your First Bow #1 – How to Choose A Bow

Hey guys, this is NUSensei. This is the first video in a series on how to choose your first bow. For someone completely new to archery your understanding of a bow may be as simple as this. This is also a bow but I’m assuming you’re not looking for this, so let’s go from here. […]

Archery | Footwear

Hey guys, this is NUSensei. Today, we’ll be covering the topic of shoes. Yeah, that’s right. Shoes. While this may not be the most obvious in archery, footwear is something that concerns every single archer. Sometimes the importance of the right footwear can be overlooked. For most archers, footwear isn’t exactly that important, and in […]

Archery | Easton QH100 Hip Quiver Review

It’s hard to do archery without coming across Easton, and for those looking for a quality quiver, Easton has lots. Ranging from basic arrow sleeves and tubes to high-end luxury quiver designs, there’s something for everyone in the Easton inventory. Today we’ll be taking a look at something in the high-middle end of the price […]