Will John Daly be allowed to use a golf cart at The Open? The R&A is considering his application

John Daly’s ended up being one of the wildest, most unexpected headlines from Bethpage Black The 53-year-old and 1991 PGA champion was granted use of the cart under the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) with osteoarthritis in his right knee As a past winner of the Open Championship, JD is hopeful to be playing at […]

Duplicolor Paint Shop Base Coat Application Tutorial Overview

Man 1: All right. Well, we’re finally ready to apply the Paint Shop. There is a lot of little fine details that we need to take care of before we lay down the paint. Now what I did was I went through and I blew the entire car off with the air gun. Brian and […]

Removing a Vinyl Wrap

Removing a Vinyl Wrap Every vehicle wrap has to eventually be removed. Two of the biggest challenges in removing a vehicle wrap are adhesive residue, and getting it to come off in as few pieces as possible. Using too much heat and pulling at the wrong angle are the most common mistakes made when removing […]