Do NOT Try This At Home! (Unless You’re Using OFFICIAL Archery Tag Equipment)

Hey guys, this is Paul with Archery Tag! Y’know, we’ve gotten some comments of people wondering if we actually just put a piece of foam on a regular arrow. Well, that’s actually not the case. We have an engineering and design firm behind us for safety. We have a blunt that is custom made. and […]

The Lion That Plays Football

AGNES: I’m Agnes Mululeke, the curator at Johannesburg Zoo, I’m in charge of carnivore section. So I am looking after all the big and hairy and scary animals. AGNES: Triton is our male white lion, he’s pure white, he’s not a carrier of Tony coloured genes, he was bred here in Johannesburg Zoo and hand […]

Dog VS Owner (Tug of war)/Pies VS Właściciel (Przeciąganie)

Come on Major, I have only one arm Long time, when we last played with this toy Mostly we’re pulling sticks like that in forest When Major saw this toy he became crazy From long time you didn’t try to tear your prey, wolf This mass of energy must grapple So we ride, go Or […]

Tug of war with German Shepherd/Przeciąganie z Owczarkiem Niemieckim

Do you want my old shit? Do you want? Pull Ops Bad yellow-red shirt According to Major Do you have a problem with rid of old shirt or any rags? You don’t know how to tear up them? Give them for your dog! He’s an expert in tearing up shirts Dog is the best man’s […]

Man moves into animal shelter to help dog get adopted

Man moves into animal shelter to help dog get adopted Every day for the past year, local Kansas City animal advocate Scott Poore has visited a three year old terrier mix named Queen at a shelter near his home. Queen was found by animal rescue officers living behind a dumpster and had several medical issues […]

Repairing a damaged EV charging cable.

Hey guys, I got [a] quick repair video for you today this actually belongs to a friend of mine. [this] is a charging cable [for] an electric vehicle particularly a Chevy volt [but] it would actually work on just about any home and he had an unfortunate incident with his dog and So I’m just […]

Elephant Rolls Car: Elephant Attack Caught On Camera

00:02 COMM: This is the moment a rampaging elephant flipped a car carrying two tourists. The massive bull first crushed the front of the hatchback, before rolling the car with astonishing ease. COMM: The terrifying attack was captured in South Africa’s Kruger National Park two weeks ago, but has only just been released. MAN: They’re […]

Cleanliness is Next to Pinkliness | Pink Panther and Pals

(yawns) (toothpaste squirts) (snores) (toys squeaking) (knobs squeaking) (funky music) ♪ ♪ (knob squeaking) (record scratches) (teeth chattering) (knob squeaking) AH. (groaning) (knobs squeaking) (water running) (objects clattering) (monkey chattering) (hair dryer whirring) (object whirring) (knobs squeaking) AAH! (groaning) UNH! AAH! (whistling) AAH! (groans) (crying) AAH! AAH! (birds chirping) (air hissing) (groans) (chuckles evilly) (laughing […]

‘Monster’ alligator invades golf course in Georgia

Get your distance. Holy shit. Listen to his feet on the green. Y’all want to play through? [Laughter] Don’t get my driver … oh shit, my putter. Dude that is a monster ..