Which FOOTBALL Player Are You?

Which Football Player Are You? Answer these 10 questions and find out! For each Question, simply answer A, B, C, D, or E, and keep track of your points. Add them up at the end to find out your result. Feel free to pause the video if you need more time to think. Let’s get […]

PERFLY | Badminton Explications : Comment faire le drive au badminton

The drive with the involvement of our technical partners Gregor Dunikowski and Shinsai Deslauriers The drive is a flat stroke, done at the height of the shoulder to put pressure on the opponent It is used in double. It can be done with the forehand or backhand and can be played cross-court or straight. 2 […]

Learn How To Make A Realistic Cricket Noise – Party Trick! | This Week In Marvel

I’m here with Mr. Dee Bradley Baker. I’m very excited because you get to voice some less conventional superheroes in that they are not humans. You were talking today in the booth, you were trying to teach people cricket sounds is that right? Yeah! Will you teach me how to make a cricket sound? Yeah […]

Can the NFL work in London? American Football in England?!

Ninh explains: Can the NFL work in London There’s been a lot of talk recently with the NFL moving an American Football team to London, England?! After several years of highly successful games being staged at Wembley Stadium (and yes, I was there) there’s many debates as to whether a team will move to London […]

VLOG | Visiting the Imperial War Museum & Mooching Around London!

Morning! And welcome to a new vlog. I’m gonna have to put my sunglasses on because it is really sunny. So it’s very loud because I’m actually right next to a main road but today I’ve been on a bit of a museum fix as of late and I’ve been thinking about some of the […]

This tiny wasp-inspired drone can pull 40 times its own weight

This tiny robot may look unassuming, but even at a mere 100 grams— about as heavy as a bar of soap— the “FlyCroTug” can pull up to 40 times its own weight.. To create the mighty FlyCroTug — named for its flying, micro, tugging features — researchers took a cue from wasps. Typically, these insects […]

How To: Humidify Your Badminton Shuttles

Hey guys welcome back to Yumotube. This is Tommy, and I’m Julia. In this video, we’ll show you how you can maximize the durability of your shuttles. A lot of the times when you purchase a new tube of shuttles, the humidity inside the tube is very low which means that the shuttles are usually […]

Advanced Badminton Techniques : How to Hit a Drive Serve in Badminton

I’m going to describe to you the draw on the hand serve. It is assured that one does in the backhand serve position. It is a serve that is aimed at flicking the shuttle all the way back to the serve line at the back of the court. Whether you can use this serve in […]

I Trained Like A Professional Football Player For A Week

(thrilling music) – [Man] You alright? – Naw. (grunts) We came out to Frisco, Texas, to the Star, it’s the Dallas Cowboys state-of-the-art training facility. We got to talk to some top ten rookies and some NFL veterans to find out how they train, how they eat and how they take care of their bodies […]