“Football” | Etymosemanticology

Football. Has there ever been a more heated disagreement about what a word refers to? Personally, I call this football and this soccer, as do most people in the US, even those who, like myself, care more about this than this. Meanwhile, to people from elsewhere in the world, football more often refers to this […]

Geometric Shapes – Science of NFL Football

LESTER HOLT reporting: Whether throwing a screen or launching a bomb, NFL quarterbacks are spin doctors, firing fast spirals that cut through the air with pinpoint accuracy. JOEY HARRINGTON (Former NFL Quarterback): The shape of the football is unique and allows you to be able to throw at the distances that you can. HOLT: Former […]

America’s Most Talented High School Football Team: IMG Academy

Come on. Game day. [can’t] really [sleep] last night woke up with a brand desire to get buttershaw [break] it a little bit of breakfast in right now that one one little walk do [get] my day started I can show Charlie the moment [of] [jail] with the game Yeah, and a nice outline. We […]

Introduction to Football: How to Score

Unlike baseball, football is a timed game; there is a clock and the winner of the game is the team has the most points when time expires. So naturally, the next question would be, “How do I score points? and win the game?” So let’s take a look at how you score points in this […]

The Olympic Tug-of-War… and 8 Other Sports Facts — TodayIFoundOut

The Olympic Tug-of-War… and 8 Other Sports Facts 1) About 5% of all Association Football (Soccer) injuries occur during celebrations after scoring a goal. 2) Former Major League baseball player Benji Molina was one of the slowest base runners in baseball during his career. So slow that he once hit a home run that he […]

My Son STILL Cheats at Football!

– Kind of is meaning to cheat today. You only scored two touch downs. ( cheering ) So today is football play offs, that’s fun. 12 o’clock is the first game, so that’s in like 30 minutes. And then if they win its at 7pm and then if they win that they play right after […]

Vikings-Gophers Time Lapse: 48 Hours of Minnesota Football Gameday

[music playing]

The Most Inspirational speech by a High School Football Player

How’d it go? I mean it was going a little back and forth You guys knew it was going to be a tough dog fight out there and it was. So what were you guys able to do to come back and win this thing? Well at first we started slow we started real slow […]

Newton’s First Law of Motion – Science of NFL Football

LESTER HOLT reporting: Whether it’s a running back breaking through the secondary or a wide receiver on a foot race for the end zone, most offensive players in the NFL have a single goal in mind–to get down-field as far and as fast as possible. ANTONIO FREEMAN (Former NFL Wide Receiver): We’re thinking, wow, I’ve […]

The Differences between American Football and Canadian Football (NFL vs CFL) – EXPLAINED!

Ninh Explains the Difference between American Football and Canadian Football. This is a game of American Football. This is a game of Canadian Football. They both look the same, so they must be the same sport, right? Well – no. Not quite. There’s several rule differences between the two that makes them almost completely different […]