How To Recondition Batteries – Dead Battery Repair – How To Recondition Batteries At Home

Hey, Please watch this short video and you will get the answer you are seeking, Stop, wait a minute, Turn Up Your Sound. If you use batteries you are going to want to hear this …because there is a new, dead simple trick that anyone can use to bring nearly any type dead battery back […]

How to Recharge Your Car A/C with Sub-Zero Synthetic

Narrator: Recharging your vehicle’s A/C system is fast and easy using Sub Zero from IDQ. Sub Zero R134 refrigerant provides up to 18 percent colder air and comes with a reusable charging hose, with built-in pressure gauge. The gauge dial also allows you to adjust for outside temperature, for a proper system fill. To recharge […]

TC Projects: Lead-Acid Battery Backup

For the past, well, decade really, my mom has worked from home. And about a year and half ago, she and my dad moved to the country, surrounded by farmland roughly a two hour’s drive from Chicago. Her most recent work setup includes a RAP, which essentially creates a dedicated, hardwired VPN connection over the […]