Smittybilt Gen2 X2O 10,000 lb. Winch w/ Synthetic Rope & Wireless Control Review & Install

Hey, what’s up, guys. Ryan here from ExtremeTerrain and today I’m here with the Smittybilt Gen2 X20 10,000-pound winch with synthetic rope and wireless control. Now, this is gonna be for those of you that are just looking for an easy to use heavy duty waterproof winch to add to your Jeep. Now there’s a […]

‘Next year’s T20 World Cup preparation begins from Sri Lanka’ – Martin Guptill

Everything you need to Know about Dual Clutch Transmission | Hyundai

(cheerful music) – [Narrator] The first time you drove your Hyundai, you might have noticed that its transmission shifts differently than you expected. That’s because it has something in common with today’s supercars: a dual-clutch transmission, or DCT. Conventional automatic transmissions use something called a torque converter in the process of delivering power from the […]

Pakistan VS England live Streaming 4nd ODI Match From England icc WC 2019

Pakistan VS England live Streaming 1st T20 Match From England Series 2019

S. Korea, Vietnam chosen by FIFA as football’s “surprise” teams of 2019

fIFA has announced at 12 national teams that surprise football fans around the world this year with unexpected accomplishments among them we’re South Korea’s under-20 team which reached the final of the under-20 World Cup the first South Korean men’s team to do so Viet Nam’s national team under par Kang Sora’s leadership also made […]

SECOND DAY SNOWBOARDING | snowboard beginner

2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Ups Its Trail Cred —

we’re here at the Chicago Auto Show or Toyota has just debuted their 2019 full lineup of TRD pros that’s 4runner Tacoma and tundra but here we’re going to focus on the Tacoma a lot of this is going to look familiar but there are some significant changes the hood itself very familiar same air […]

2019 Subaru Forester vs. 2019 Toyota 4Runner TRD Off-Road: Which Is Best On and Off the Road?

[MUSIC PLAYING] TRAVIS LANGNESS: That’s Calvin Kim. CALVIN KIM: And that’s Travis Langness. TRAVIS LANGNESS: What I’ve done today is brought out the all-new Subaru Forester for testing. Basically, the Subaru Forester was one of the original crossovers, and it’s still pulling off all the same tricks. It does all the SUV stuff, but with […]

Barbie Jeep Rips Moab Trails!