ArTex Funding, “Tug Of War” Animation

Does it feel like you’re having a tug-of-war when you go for funding ? Is it hard to get your loan pulled over the line? is your company struggling to find the right type of loan for your situation? Are you having problems with funding and does your funding group want you to go someplace […]

Little Falcons Volleyball Camp 2019

(sound of girl hitting ball) “Nice Aerial!” At the Little Falcons volleyball camp, ‘serve’ is more than just a sports term. “Hey, good approach. Good swing.” For the third straight year, Southeast High is hosting a volleyball camp for girls 8 to 14 years old. And among the people giving an assist? Student-athletes from the […]

Chinese Cricket Fighting!

One of the most highly prized pets in China is – in fact – a bug. Crickets can get quite tame but you’ll have to work fast they only live about three months. it’s a thousand-year-old tradition royal concubines once kept crickets to ward of loneliness. They’re also believed to bring luck, good health, and […]

How to Control Nervousness Before Match | घबराहट को कैसे दूर करे | Badminton School Hindi

You are at the tournament Venue, your name has been announced and your match is going to start in 15 minutes How nervous are you? If I was in your place, I would already have been to the washroom twice, my hands and legs become stiff, breathing gets heavy, and I’m afraid of losing the […]

Badminton: How To Hit A Powerful Smash?

I’m gonna show you some do’s and dont’s we’re gonna reveal the don’ts what not to do with this Actofit so we’re gonna try some different types of grips and see how fast I can hit the shuttle with the different types of grips and positions and then we’re going to show you what kind […]

Rules of Badminton EXPLAINED! | SINGLES Badminton Rules | Badminton Training in Hindi

what are the rules of badminton? How do we count the score? lets find out! A badminton match has 3 games You need to win 2 games out of 3 to win the match each game has 21 points The first to reach 21 points wins the game Revati and I will now play an […]

शटल उठाने के लिए रैकेट का उपयोग करें – Badminton School

Hi Guys, I’m Kartik and today we’ll learn how lift the shuttle with the racket Learning this will not improve your game, but when I learnt this for the first time,I found it very cool Shuttle should be facing you Hold the racket with the backhand grip For a more detailed explanation ,watch the suggested […]

How to Use the Rear Seat USB Port | Hyundai

(upbeat pop music) – [Announcer] The rear USB ports are for charging only. To hook up your phone for car play or Android auto, use the front in-dash USB port. (upbeat pop music)

15 ans, propriétaire d’un zoo et de 450 000€ de baskets

Dubai still amazes And the new generation of Emirien Reserves many surprises At only 15 years old Rachid benefits of his father’s heritage The billionaire Ahmed Saif Belhasa A businessman who made a fortune in real estate The Rachid family owns several houses with gardens Beautiful cars And a very large swimming pool But mostly […]