Penn State football freshmen dance in Thon pep rally

Penn State football freshmen players dancing to music-


[Music] what is up everyone pwg here and today I’m gonna show you guys three different tricks that are way easier than it actually looks well that said you still need to put in the time and the effort and the training to be able to land these moves so let’s get started so for […]

DECEPTION reverse CUT – Badminton Famly

I’m gonna show you a cross court deception shot from my around the head side in the baseline. I’m gonna show my opponent that I am I’m doing a straight shot like a smash or clear and just before hitting the shuttle I do the rotation and the deception. So now we’re gonna we’re gonna […]

Increase POWER in the HIGH BACKHAND, Badminton Tutorial

in this video we’re gonna talk about the high backhand clear and this might be the most difficult shot to master except the backhand smash and we’re gonna talk about four key points to executing this shot to perfection so the first key point and maybe one of the main key points is to use […]

Net kill swipe technique tutorial | Badminton Famly

In this video we’re going to talk about the swiping net kill. So in situations where the shuttle is real close to the net, we cannot risk hitting the net by doing this shot. So instead we want to swipe along the net. The first thing we need to focus on, it’s the position of […]


today we’re going to teach you five wicked Brazilian football skill rules that have been done on football pitches throughout the times so we are potentially talking a little bit of a skill history lesson team now to help me out Nate has challenged his in na ma so in other words it’s gonna get […]

Deception Cross Service Return , Badminton

We have a really cool deception shot in the doubles service return. I’m in my right field returning the serve from my opponent. What I want to do here is that I want to show my opponents that I am doing a short straight return Just before hitting the shuttle I move down and then […]

Badminton Footwork Training – बैडमिंटन हिंदी

First Exercise is one step shadow put your right leg ahead like shown bring your right leg behind like this jump and bring your right leg ahead bring left leg in front of the right again put the right leg ahead This is one repetition complete. The highlighted action is very important you have to […]

FLICK SERVE Tutorial, Doubles and Singles, Badminton

In this video we are gonna talk about the the flick serve in the doubles. The flick serve in the doubles is it’s a really good variation combined with the short service. So actually when we are doing the flick serve everything has to look like we’re doing the short service. So the preparation before […]

TRY NOT TO LAUGH – Epic SUMMER WATER FAILS Compilation | Funny Vines June 2018

5, 4, 3 2, 1 go ouch ouch ouch ouch he’s going to bust his *** get over the log oooooh! oh god *laughing* woah! Oh my god! Are you okay? *laughing* *laughing* …Dear Tyler Happy birthday to you okay watch out! I do not know! I’m fine! Ah! This is how you do monkey […]