FLASH MOB of ICC World T20 Bangladesh 2014 by BMSC

Flash Mob for ICC T20 World Cup 2014, Bangladesh. Presenting Barisal Model School & College

Volkswagen Golf GTE review

This is an important car for Volkswagen, though the A3 e-tron was the first with this drivetrain. But, as a PR manager of a competing make once told me: “it’s as if a new door handle on the Golf is bigger news than a new model from us”. Sometimes it is like that. We’re driving […]

The First built Formula Offroad car in Sweden – Baby Blue Beast

I built the car in 1989 and sold it 2008 Then I bought it back and today is the test run Im sure you can tell its not mint condition The engine is a Rover V8. Its basically a Range Rover with a new body according to regulations. Just need some lights and a car […]

Volkswagen Golf estate 2014 – Carbuyer

If you’re looking for a practical and comfortable estate car with economical engine choices and a high quality interior, then take a look at the revised VW Golf Estate. With its new and stylish good looks it certainly trumps the outgoing model in this department. Everything has been taken into consideration here, the space is […]

Thailand’s Football-Crazed Fishermen and the Floating Pitch

Can the NFL work in London? American Football in England?!

Ninh explains: Can the NFL work in London There’s been a lot of talk recently with the NFL moving an American Football team to London, England?! After several years of highly successful games being staged at Wembley Stadium (and yes, I was there) there’s many debates as to whether a team will move to London […]

Badminton Challenge: How Fast Can You Smash? | Behind The Games

Theres seventeen sports to go and see when the Commonwealth Games kick off in Glasgow next summer and I’m here to tell you about the ones that you simply can’t miss. Badminton. The record for the fastest smash of a shuttlecock during competition is over 330 kilometres per hour. That is faster than a speeding […]

VW Golf 7 GTI Performance DSG Review (English Subtitles)

Today we have the latest version of the most iconic hothatch.. the Golf GTI! It’s the seventh generation And it was about time The MK6 was basically a MK5 with a different body There weren’t any true mechanical upgrades Now there are! You can choose for the performance edition The performance pack (€1500 NL) includes […]

VW Passat R36 & Golf R32 Review [4K] | Brothers in R (English Subtitles)

We are big fans of the VW “R” products they make cars that are practical fast you can use them when it’s wet like today a couple of weeks ago we filmed the Touareg R50 and as Max said in that review there’s another rare “R” the Passat R36 and that’s what were driving today […]

2013 Opel Astra OPC / VXR Review (English Subtitles)

Today we’re on the road where the Corsa OPC showed us what it was capable of.. The true OPC qualities were displayed Today this Astra OPC has to proof it is better than its little brother.. ..and it’s biggest rivals! When I went to pick this car up, I was very excited! Because of the […]