7 Year Old Wonderkid Showing Amazing Football Skills for Kids

Learn These Amazing 1on1 Football Skills in 5 Minutes! – Tutorial

Instructions Step 1 – Step with your right foot over the ball Step 2 – Go on your toes with the other foot, to lift up the ball When the ball passes your knee (right foot), you should lift up the ball over your opponent Step 3 – move your body 180° for lifting up […]

Learn This Amazing 1on1 Football Skill in 5 Minutes! – Tutorial

TOP 3 – Easy Football Skills for Kids & Beginner (Winger) – Tutorial

Top 3 ★ Amazing Football Skills To Learn – Tutorial

Today we are going to teach you some skills that can be easily performed during match 1. Place your supporting foot on the ball line like you do when you are going to pass 2. Roll the ball forward with your forefoot 3. Stop the ball with your outstep 4. Roll the ball in any […]

TOP 4 Amazing Football Skills To Learn – Tutorial

1. Rolle den Ball vorwärts 2. Stoppe ihn mit dem linken Fuß, während du mit dem rechten Fuß übersteigst 3. Führe den “HocusPocus” mit dem rechten Fuß aus 1. Startposition: seitlich zum Gegner 2. Passe den Ball mit der linken Hacke nach hinten 3. Warte kurz (um deinen Gegner zu verwirren) 4. Schieb den Ball […]