Hi, Robin here. Let’s talk a little bit about ground force reaction. Now this is a biomechanical subject. Something that’s been researched a lot recently. But biomechanics are great, but they’ve got to be appliable. So the way I’m going to talk about this today is not into the micro-detail. I don’t think players learn […]

Golf Swing – Left Knee Movement is a Key

Hi, Robin here. I want to talk a little bit about the way your left leg, particularly your left knee and your left foot works during the backswing. In recent years you’ve seen a lot of players, and instruction focusing on really restricting the left side. The left knee, the left thigh, providing a lot […]

Golf Drill – The Correct Right Arm / Shoulder Movement

Hi Robin here. If you’ve videoed your swing, you’ve seen the club crossing the line at the top, or you’ve seen that your club shaft is getting very steep coming down. You heard lots of shots of the toe of the club, you’ve heard toe shots, high weak cut shots to the right. You’re probably […]

Golf Lesson – Correct Lower Body Movement

Ok. Here is a lesson I did earlier in the summer. A good lesson for anybody who struggles making the correct transition from the ground up, and perhaps anybody struggling with getting the club over the top, a little bit steep, or any pull shots and slice shots. But the main message I want to […]

Center of Mass Center of Pressure in a Golf Swing

Hi, Robin here. Okay, center of mass, center of pressure, COM, COP. How does that relate to golf swing? It’s a very important subject, and at the beginning it can sound a little bit technical. But actually when you understand it, I think it’s a very simple concept about a swing and one that can […]