Badminton: How to Return the Flick Serve

in this video we’re gonna talk about the flick serve return so in doubles when we want to return the shuttle standing here we want to of course cover the net and attack the net but sometimes the opponent does a flick serve and we still want to reach the shuttle and still be able […]

How to Perform a Cross Net Shot, Forehand, Badminton

in this video we’re gonna talk about the cross net shot in the forehand side. we’re gonna talk about three key points and the first one is the upper body needs to be in line with the legs like this. Show the straight net shot and I want a slightly bend elbow and I want […]

杨晨大神训练笔记反拍勾球 Badminton master Yang teach you how to practice backhand cross net techniques

Never mind where you are from Must be cool when you are playing badminton I am your badminton master coach — Yangchen (former China national team member Hi everyone, I am Yang. I taught you how to practice forehand cross net shot in last episode. we’ll learn how to practice backhand cross net shot. actually, […]

Doubles return deception with super slows, badminton

In this video I wanna show you a really cool doubles return. Its a deception shot, I want to cheat my opponents. The front guy making the serve, I want him to think that I am hitting it short to the net. The player in the back has to think actually that I´m hitting it […]

Double defense in forehand side – Advanced level, Badminton

In this video we’re going to talk about the doubles defense out in the forehand side. This is a really advanced stroke if you want to learn the basic techniques about the double defense please check out our other video we made about that one you can find it in the description. So we have […]

Perfect Low Serve, Tips and Tricks, Badminton

Welcome to this video We are gonna talk about the short service in the doubles. I´m gonna show you some really basic and easy steps On how to do the perfect and most consistent short service in the doubles. First thing we gonna talk about is the position of your body and our arms before […]

Deception spin curve shot in the backhand, badminton

This is a really neat trick. It’s the deception shot in the frontcourt. It´s in my backhand side close to the net. Usually used in the single, but can also be used in the doubles. What I’m gonna do here is that I want to trick my opponent thinking that I am doing a long […]

Deception Lift Forehand+BONUS Double Shot, Badminton

So the purpose of this shot is to show a net shot but actually I’m lifting. As I’m lunging I want to show that I’m hitting the shuttle. But just before I hit the shuttle, I pull back and I use my forearm and my fingers. To generate the power. So I’m lifting instead of […]

The secret behind Indonesia’s undying love of Badminton | Land of Legends

Before the Olympics, I have won several tournaments such as the All-England and World Cup. (SUSI SUSANTI, BARCELONA 1992 WOMEN’S SINGLES GOLD) But the Olympics was the biggest event. And Indonesia hasn’t gotten any gold medal before. After I got the first Olympic gold medal for Indonesia, everything changed. I could really feel it. (SUSI […]


For the forehand corner, i will do my directional split step left from right to the back I push with my left performing a che-che , maybe two, i do a scissor jump, Landing with left foot first and right afterwards, like this. So you need to hear your feet hit the ground two times […]