Football vs Rhythmic Gymnastics: Margarita Mamun & Heather O’Reilly Switch | Sports Swap Challenge

(SPORTS SWAP) Margarita Mamun. Russian. Rhythmic gymnastics. This is Mamun’s moment. Dedicated, funny and very calm. How did she do that? A gold medal performance for Margarita Mamun. Heather O’Reilly from United States and I play football. Oh, what a brilliant goal! Determined, athletic, fierce. That was sheer quality. I’m very proud I won gold […]

How Football Conquered Japan – The Real International Break: Asia

six months ago we got excited for another international break the same open plates that are falling in so we took you with the ultras of Bosnia and Montenegro to show you what the international break really looks like many of you saw the line thank you still work to do so we took you […]