How to Smash? | Badminton School Hindi

Smash is an offensive stroke The smash is hit downward from the back court as shown This video will cover these three topics Holding the racket correctly is a prerequisite for this video Your arm should go back as shown This is the wrong way to pull the arm back This is the correct way […]

How to STICK SMASH Cross Court Around the Head, Badminton

in this video we’re gonna talk about the cross stick smash in around the head corner and I am gonna talk about the four key points to this job. The first key point which is also the main key point to this shot is the use of the forearm rotation. We want the swing to […]


In this video we’re gonna talk about the double defense. The double defense is extremely difficult to master so you have to really really focused on all the small details. We will go through five key elements in the double defense. In this video I will show you my final view on how to do […]

Badminton Footwork – Front Court Footwork – Improve Movement Speed

Today we will learn the front court footwork Backhand footwork is the same When you hit the shuttle in the front court, always put your right leg ahead Footwork steps are not always fixed Footwork depends on your position on the court Let’s learn how strafing is done Kids are not as tall as adults […]

Badminton Footwork – Back Court Footwork – HINDI Badminton Training

If you are left handed, please watch this video in a mirror Let me show you the defensive forehand footwork Notice that when I land ,I will not bring my right leg ahead. In the Offensive Footwork,I will bring the right leg ahead when I land By doing this,you can hit a powerful shot and […]

How to Hold a Badminton Racket – Types of Grips [HINDI]

Hi friends,I’m Kartik and today we will learn how to hold a badminton racket There are two basic ways to hold the racket one is forehand and other is backhand Hold the racket vertically as shown, and then shake hands with it Your index finger should be above the thumb and the thumb should touch […]

Learn Badminton Serve – High Serve – Badminton Basics

Hi friends,Today we would be learning how to execute a High Serve This serve is mostly used while playing SIngles Try to serve as High as possible. But why? Because when you serve high the opponent has to look above and when the oppenent looks above he finds it difficult to find the position where […]


For the forehand corner, i will do my directional split step left from right to the back I push with my left performing a che-che , maybe two, i do a scissor jump, Landing with left foot first and right afterwards, like this. So you need to hear your feet hit the ground two times […]

Deception Cross Service Return , Badminton

We have a really cool deception shot in the doubles service return. I’m in my right field returning the serve from my opponent. What I want to do here is that I want to show my opponents that I am doing a short straight return Just before hitting the shuttle I move down and then […]

How to Control Nervousness Before Match | घबराहट को कैसे दूर करे | Badminton School Hindi

You are at the tournament Venue, your name has been announced and your match is going to start in 15 minutes How nervous are you? If I was in your place, I would already have been to the washroom twice, my hands and legs become stiff, breathing gets heavy, and I’m afraid of losing the […]