Styles of Archery

When the average person thinks of archery,
they probably think of a Robin Hood figure, dressed in green, wearing a funny hat and
with a large bow. I don’t actually look like that. Okay, maybe I do. People have different perceptions of what
archery is. Some people think of hunters. Others think
of the Olympic Games. There are in fact many different kinds of
archery that are practiced around the world. And there are clubs and organisations that
focus on these different types. Some of these you’ll be familiar with, others
will be new to you. So let’s take a look at different ways people
can do archery. Easily the most recgonisable form, traditional
archery is one of the simplest ways to enjoy archery. No fancy gadgets or materials. Many people get into this style of archery
by buying a basic recurve or longbow and get straight into shooting. Some people do this as a casual hobby, others
will go further and craft their own bow and accessories. Whether you shoot at the range or take a walk
in the woods, traditional archery is a simple pleasure. But the instinctive nature of it can hone
barebow shooting skills. Different cultures have their own practices
and equipment. such as traditional English longbows, or Korean archery, or Japanese kyudo.
By extension, you can include horse archery in this range. Whether you’re a modern compound shooter or
a traditional recurve shooter, hunting is a popular pursuit in some countries. Hunting has obvious appear to outdoor people,
with the challenge being in fieldcraft and stalking game, ultimately leading to an accurate,
ethical kill. The close distances and skill involved in
bringing down a target with a bow arguably makes this more appreciable than using a firearm. Note however that observation of local laws
is a must, and that includes what can be hunted and with what equipment. Bowfishing is also an activity that can be
done. Though like hunting, this can be heavily regulated and illegal in some areas. When it comes to archery as a sport, there
are several forms that you can shoot in. These are governed by World Archery, formerly
known as FITA and regulated by regional governing bodies. Target archery is the most widespread and
this is the style of archery that is familiar through the Olympic competition. Other regional or national competitions have
different formats that allow easier participation. Target equipment is specialised to promote
the sporty appearance with bright metallic colours and smooth shapes. Although the majority of shooters will shoot
in the freestyle discipline using sights and stabilisers, there are separate competition
classes for archers who choose to do barebow and longbow. There are also differences between outdoor
target archery and indoor target archery. Outdoor events take place at long distance,
usually up to 70 metres, while the indoor round is usually done at 20 yards or 18 metres
on a smaller target face. While the outdoor rounds test consistency,
indoor rounds are about precise shot placement. Field archery takes the action away from the
range and places it in more rugged terrain. Archers progress through a course with targets
set at different distances, and often different elevations. Field courses may also contain natural obstacles,
such as branches or slopes, to put the archer in a less-than-ideal shooting position. 3D archery is very similar, but instead of
shooting at target faces, the targets are three-dimensional models of various animals. 3D targets are marked with hitboxes with different
score values. Both field and 3D are great for people who
want to be out and about with the additional challenge of shooting at varying distances
and varying terrain. Clout archery pays homage to the ancient use
of bows. Archers stand on the line and lob arrows at
high angles to hit a target marked on the ground. There are several other styles of archery
as well. There’s ski archery and run archery, which
feature elements of cross-country. There’s flight archery, which involves who
can shoot the furthest arrow. Archery is also used in live-action role-playing
groups. There are a lot of ways you can get into archery,
and they can all be fun. It’s important to have an idea of these different
kinds of archery for several reasons. It plays a huge role in deciding what kind
of equipment you get. The bows you use for target archery, for example,
aren’t bows you can use for bowhunting. Another consideration is that different governing
bodies will regulate each different discipline. Likewise, clubs are affiliated with specific
organisations. So for example, if you join a bowhunting club,
it will not affiliate you with World Archery and you may not be allowed to participate
in events hosted by a target club. It’s also worth looking at what clubs around
you offer as well. For example, some clubs are strictly 3D or
hunting or target. Some target clubs will offer indoor, clout
and field but some won’t. If you’re looking at the competition scene,
there are championships for each of these disciplines and they may have different selection
policies. To sum up, there isn’t one single type of
archery and archery isn’t just about shooting at a target. There’s a large range of disciplines and activities
that you can do, and hopefully there’s something out there just for you. Hope that was helpful. Thanks for watching.
This is NUSensei, and safe shooting.

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  • Thanks NuSensei can you make a video on arrow stiffness and how to adjust or tune your bow/arrows for different distances?

  • I'm a beginner and your videos are great :bd I'd appreciate a video all about tiller because that shit is confusing me a lot 😀

  • Hi Sensei do you think that traditional archery could be mixed with hunting archery? I really like the traditional Hungarian bow style and the shooting style But I've never seen anyone hunt with those type of bows and their manly on the horse back when their shooting Im really curious about your answer….

  • Greetings NuSensei! Would it be possible to put a hunting sight on an Olympic style bow? Is instinctive archery possible on this platform?

    You da man.

  • i use the hill stye howard hill long bow but ive been shooting for years i was lucky i grew up around fred bear if you want to learn to shoot the hill style get,< hit them like howard hill> ,i read his books and  it works very well for moving targets like birds and stuff very good vid nus i enjoyed watching it

  • Thanks for the informative videos. I bought a re curve at a garage sale with VERY little experience. With the help of your and some other videos I have made it one of my favorite new pastimes and have introduced my niece , nephew and brother-in law to shooting bows they love it , Who knew :). Before this it was firearms trap and range. I find shooting the bow much more relaxing and sort of therapeutic . Thank You for your help 🙂

  • hallo i am looking to taking this up as a hobbie can you give me some advice i know i what to go for the takedown bow but do i need professional training or can this be self taught?

  • excellent thanks I am wanting to start archery but wasn't sure what type – now possibly field target after seeing this 😊

  • I must give full credit and praise to NUSensei for uploading this particular Video Log / instructional video:
    This is a beautiful and lovely montage thank you.
    also, @ time 1:23, I immediately spotted the `Annie` RANGA on horseback as being from MythBusters !!!!
    Did anybody else spot any photo from a source they were already familiar with ?

  • @ NuSensei as always, your videos are amazingly informative. as a person that has never shot an arrow or touched a bow in his life, i decided to give it a shot (you see what i did there?). i decided to go with a SAS Explorer Metal Riser Takedown Recurve Bow (Blue, 34 Lbs.)

  • I've been in the bow market for a month or so now, and I got into your channel earlier today so I'm a newcomer and have not seen all your videos just yet, so I'm sorry if this has been asked or if you've made a video on it.

    I do a lot of hiking and/or camping outdoors and was considering a collapsible bow (i.e. Primal Gear Unlimited or Survival Archery Systems). I'm not sure how seriously I want to take archery, but I wanted something I can easily pack on camps and bring to the woods to just shoot for… fun? (if that's the right word).

    Anyways, in short, is the collapsible bow a good route to go down? If you have a video up about it already, can you respond with link. Thanks!

  • Hey NUSensei – could you perhaps make a video, showing the different bow styles as well, maybe review a traditional hunting bow, an English longbow and the American flat bow? Keep those brilliant videos coming mate! I'd rather see this coming from you and not some hill billy in the woods with his 'stick bow' – what's that anyway? As kids we used to make bows out of broom handles and shoot toilet plungers at each other – a category on it's own ;o)

  • Hunting, going in to a forest wearing camouflage and hope nobody shoots you by accident when they see something moving but don't see a human over there…

  • I been doing some research into buying a bow and I have been through some of your videos and I like to eventually start using a traditional long bow so my question is should I begin with one of those entry level takedown recurves and learn from that then go into the traditional long bow or should I starting learning with the traditional longbow?

  • — correction —
    3D Archery: the animals have an body zone and an small kill zone that give more points.

    and the 2st hit give more points than the 2ns and the second more than the 3rs…

    P.s nice video

  • What are your thoughts on Kyudo specifically? There's something appealing about all the ceremony, ritual and philosophy, but it can also be equally off-putting. It can often come across as prohibitively elitist, snobby and out-of-touch.

  • okay- whats the shoulder/vest thingy that people tend to wear and why? i'm a hobby archer (traditional, target,no sites or anything), currently shooting a horsebow off the hand (not that it matters)…and we tend to just shoot once a week or so on a friends property and at certain camping (sca) events so i've never seen that thing until i started watching archery stuff on youtube

  • So, what technique would you suggest to shoot small furry creatures as they flee in terror ??? Do you use explosive tips, and how much C-4 can you pack in a arrow???? Seems like a near miss with C-4 would take out bambi pretty well…..Asking for a friend………………

  • In Czech Republic hunting with bow is illegal and considered us animal cruelty because that animals bleeding and runing half death long time. So that about laws is very good point. 😉

  • I'm taking my beginner's course in Field Archery in just under two weeks. Looking forward to it. I've been wanting to get back into archery since I first tried it at 11 years old when my family joined a local target archery club, but it's only now, 31 years later, that I'm finally getting that chance. So now I'm binge-watching all of your videos!

  • What is the difference between Kyudo and Western archery? So far what I have seen is the technique in firing the arrow, the shape of the bow, and the materials used for the bow and arrows.

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