SOLD by LANDiO : Mobile Home Lot in Texas with Utilities

– Hello, this is Tory with LANDiO. We have a new property, it’s
a wooded homesite in Texas. It’s over a quarter
acre, it has utilities, it’s near Lake Livingston
and the city of Livingston. This is the property right here with these dense mature trees. You have paved road frontage, electricity lines and
poles are already in place. There’s also underground
telephone and Internet lines and paved road frontage. This road is Love Drive, also referred to a County Road 2721. There’s also underground waterlines throughout the community. This is the parcel highlighted in green. It’s 0.28 acres, and here’s the plat map with the parcel highlighted in green. It’s actually two lots,
Lots 139 and 141 together. Each of these is 50 feet in width, so you have 100 feet of
frontage along Love Drive, and the depth is 125
feet, so 100 feet in width along the front and the back, and 125 feet in depth on both sides, which is 12,500 square feet. From the property right here,
you’re in close proximity to the city of Livingston,
which has a population of around 5,300, and Lake Livingston. This is State Highway 146. Over here you have the city of Cleveland, with a population of around 8,000. Here’s Shepherd, population 2,300. This is the Sam Houston National Forest, here you have Interstate 69. This is Interstate 45,
there’s the city of Conroe, population around 82,000. The Woodlands, population 95,000, and you’re only 25 minutes
from the city of Livingston, and Livingston has a
population of around 5,600. There’s a hospital in
Livingston, Walmart Supercenter, grocery stores, building supplies, restaurants, professional services. You’re about 34 minutes
from Lake Livingston and the Lake Livingston State Park. Lake Livingston is the second largest lake in the State of Texas, consists of over 90,000 surface acres. There, you can enjoy fishing, boating, water sports, and to the south, you’re about an hour and 20
minutes from Houston, Texas. If we zoom out here, you’ll see
all this purple shaded area. This is all the Big
Thicket National Preserve. The Big Thicket National Preserve stretches throughout Southeast
Texas, and is said to be one of the most bio-diverse
areas in the world outside of the tropics. In the Big Thicket National Preserve, you can enjoy hunting, hiking, kayaking, camping, and other types
of recreational activities. All these circles represent
nearby land owners that have developed their
properties to varying degrees. Here’s some satellite images of those nearby developed properties. There’s no HOA or HOA fees, there’s no covenants or restrictions. There’s no time limit to build, you can use the property
recreationally, seasonally, live there full-time. You can do alternative building styles, site-built homes, tiny homes,
mobile or manufactured home. You can have accessory buildings, so you’ve got a lot of
freedom and flexibility with what you can do with the property. We have this 0.28 acre
parcel priced at only $5,900. All the property details are
listed here on our website. The property taxes are only $16.37 a year, again, there’s no HOA,
there are no HOA fees. We have the distances to the
nearby points of interest along with more information
about these locations. Here we have the GPS coordinates with links where you can open
those up on a Google map. Here are images of the property and the surrounding area,
and this interactive map. If this property fits
what you are looking for, please go to our website and
click on this Buy Now button. What that’ll do is add a
deposit of $499 to your Cart, then click Checkout. Once you click Checkout,
this window will appear where you can enter in
all your information, then continue through
the checkout process. Once the checkout process
has been completed, this Buy Now button will
automatically change to Out of Stock. We only have one of
each property available. Only one person can place
a deposit on a property. Your $499 deposit is then
credited toward your purchase, and we cover all of the closing costs. The remaining balance may
be paid by wire transfer, cashier’s check, ACH
bank draft, credit card, debit card, or any
combination of these methods. Make the whole process super simple and it can be completed
in as little as a day. Again, there are no other
commissions or fees, so your total purchase price
for this 0.28 acre parcel is just the $5,900. If you have any questions,
our phone number’s in the top of every page of our website. That number’s 713-597-7670. That number also receives text messages, we have a Live Chat
featured here on our website where you can communicate
with us in real time. If we’re not available
for whatever reason, please send us a message, we’ll respond to your next availability. You can also fill out this Contact Form here on our website, or
send us an email directly. Our email address is [email protected] We sincerely appreciate
you taking the time to visit our website and
watch our property videos, and ask that you please
share that information with all your family,
friends, and colleagues. The more people that we reach, the more properties that we can
have come available for you. Again, thank you for your time, it’d truly be an honor to
add you to the LANDiO family of happy customers, God bless. (easygoing guitar music) (uplifting digital music)

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