Football is coming to Texas Wesleyan University

We don’t love college football because of instant replay we don’t love it because of VIP parking either no it’s about something else it’s walk-ons trick plays and rivalry games it’s about loyalty and tradition it’s about the students it’s about the game this is why we love football this is Texas Wesleyan

Nitro Mountain – 2019 Snowboard Review

I’m Rob from Snowtrax , and this is the Nitro Mountain. This was the board that got fought over quite a lot out the test and most of our riders were drawn to the graphics straight away shape looked right up their street, and actually when you got to ride it the performance was exactly […]

Top 5 T20 innings with most extras

Top 5 T20 innings with most extras Can you guess which team carries the bad record of carelessly throwing the most number of extras in a T20 innings? I don’t understand why the top 2 places in this list are occupied by the same ground. Is it the carelessness of the team or fault of […]

Archery at Ryerson

The day after, you usually have a giant welt on your arm and your neck is just ahhhhh. In pain, but I promise it goes away. [THE BYWATER BY THE MINI VANDALS] I love the community because you get people fromall walks of life kinda come in. It’s not restricted to any one demographic. There’s […]