Badminton-Movement when your partner is receiving serve in level doubles

The Movement When Your Partner is Receiving Service (Level Doubles) First 3 shots in any match is very important there fore the preparation, the step in order to make best possible shot, during the first 3 shots is crucial I am going to show you in level doubles how you should prepare how you should […]

Mastour VS Garnier 1v1 Football Match – Red Bull Fantasy – Part 2

Hi guys. Hey. Finally we get to meet. Let’s get to the heart of this sport The rules are simple: There are no rules The first to score five goals against the other wins I’ll be the referee. All clear? Clear. Are you guys ready? Let’s go. The challenges don’t finish here. With a just […]


Shoaib Akhtar in Conversation with Virender Sehwag | Pakistan vs India | World Cup 2019

welcome to Shoaib Akhtar’s YouTube channel. Today we have a very special guest with us. A match winner, terrorising fast bowler, people used to make fun of him, he has won numerous matches. People think we are rivals, but he is a very good friend or that we fight a lot, but reality is quite […]

杨晨大神训练笔记反拍勾球 Badminton master Yang teach you how to practice backhand cross net techniques

Never mind where you are from Must be cool when you are playing badminton I am your badminton master coach — Yangchen (former China national team member Hi everyone, I am Yang. I taught you how to practice forehand cross net shot in last episode. we’ll learn how to practice backhand cross net shot. actually, […]

How To: Humidify Your Badminton Shuttles

Hey guys welcome back to Yumotube. This is Tommy, and I’m Julia. In this video, we’ll show you how you can maximize the durability of your shuttles. A lot of the times when you purchase a new tube of shuttles, the humidity inside the tube is very low which means that the shuttles are usually […]

FunnyMaine on College Football Today (CBS)

leading the nation in consecutive passes without an points scored by the tide in the win over Ole Miss the last time out interception at 167, also the 31 second quarter Alright. Hey, FunnyMaine! 6’1″ yeah 6’1″ Tua Tagovailoa currently Texas games. -There not viewable -Put it on Showtime for us -No, no. -He had […]