Off-roading with the Sprinter 4×4: A how to guide.

To be safe on different types of terrain, we have pay attention to the following: The first rule is easy. Always drive as slowly as possible and only as fast as necessary. We explore the terrain ahead, paying constant attention, otherwise we can get stuck. Of course, first of all, you have to activate all the technology we need for this section. Activate all-wheel drive, our gear reduction, then we can start. Maybe then you will be able to regulate your downhill speed. Pay attention to your sitting position, sit a bit higher, having a good view over the bonnet is very important. Plus, don’t grip the steering wheel with your thumbs. If you put your thumb into the spoke of the steering wheel, you can injure your hands. We want to avoid that! Uphill, downhill, that’s what off-roading’s all about. Of course, it’s very important to examine the terrain in advance. Subsoil, gravel, loose rocks – things can fall backwards here, especially if you’re driving in a group. Keep your distance – of course, these loose rocks can shift and roll down the slope, we drive through with care. And of course, over the crest of the hill. Explore the terrain, look for the right path when you go downhill and think “How can I optimise my situation?” Drive evenly downhill, keep it slow. Whether you’re driving downhill or on slopes, it’s very important to always steer in the line of greatest descent. A very important tip: in a manual vehicle, never use the clutch when driving downhill, otherwise it will coast back down very quickly. Another very important topic is offset. One wheel per axle no longer bears load, meaning we have one wheel in the air. The Sprinter 4×4 has differential drive with 4ETS. This means we have brake intervention. The technology on board recognises that a wheel is no longer bearing weight. The wheel is slowed down to provide better traction. Drive over it slowly, keep the vehicle moving gradually. But don’t forget – where you go up, you have to come down again. So keep it slow. Drive evenly over the subsoil. It’s always important to remember that this is natural terrain. It’s very important to keep in mind that the terrain is constantly changing. What might have gone fantastically well today will be different again tomorrow because the weather has changed, the season has changed and the soil is alive. You have to adapt accordingly to the terrain here. Basically, that’s it! Enjoy the drive and have fun.

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  • Dear Mercedes. I bought a 4×4 and breaks down nearly every day with the 4×4 getting stuck in low ratio and I cannot get it back up to the HIGH range

    IN NO manner or form

    it is stuck in the low 4×4 wheel drive

    it makes my van useless To me to use
    Your after sells main dealer service
    is a disgrace

    I am seriously thinking about taking Mercades UK on though the high court system in the UK.

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