Left Hand Golf Club Release Drill

Hello. I’m Brin Fitzgerald The Golf Docotor. Welcome to my channel. If this is your first time here. This cahannel is all about helping you play
better golf. And one of the best things you can do to play
better golf is to click on the subscribe button and click on the bell notification and you
are good to go. Today we are going to talk about the role
of the left hand or lead hand in the downswing. So if you play golf right handed it is your
left hand. If you play golf left handed it is your right
hand. So if you are interested in this stay tuned. [MUSIC] Ok so what is the role of the lead hand? As I said before the lead hand is your left
hand if you are playing golf right handed. And it’s your right hand if you play golf
left handed. So today I am going to show you 5 different
ways to help improve what your lead hand is going to do. So the first one is we want the glove to stay
low. So as I am swinging I don’t want the glove
to stay on top. I really do want that glove to stay low. I could also say that I want that glove logo
which just happens to be FJ on my glove at the moment. At the half way through the shot. I want to see FJ pointing to my left. So that’s the first way. We want the glove to stay low. So the second way we can get our left hand
or our lead hand to release properly is to use the Swingyde training aid. Now this is one of my favorite training aids. I recieve no money from it. I am not paid to promote it. I just think it is a really good training
aid. S what I would like people to do with the
swingyde training aid. Is to fit it properly. And when you buy one you get an instructional
DVD and it shows you how to fit it correctly. So we will just assume that this is fitted
correctly. All I want you to do is to put your right
hand behind your back. Grip down with your left hand in it’s proper
position. And if I do the wrong move. This Swingyde rest here doesn’t hit me in
the forearm. What I have got to do is I have got to get
that Swingyde rest coming around so it attaches to my forearm. So I just do that. I don’t have to hit balls with it. You can. But you can see there that the left hand is
releasing. Now as the left hand releases the club face
is also releasing and it’s turning left. And I have already made a video on how to
hit a golf ball straight and the golf club must turn left if you are right handed. So I will put a link at the top of the page
there to that video. Bt just that swinging it’s really just the
weight of the club that’s turning. If I try and block with my left wrist and
my lead wrist it doesn’t work. So I really just want to let that turn over
and the Swingyde rest goes on there. So the third way we can practice letting our
lead hand release is to use a table tennis bat. So we have got a back side and we have got
a red side. So hold it in your led hand. And as we come through I want the red side
to turn. So it’s red on the back swing and it’s black
on the downswing. If I come through and it stays red. Red to red. I am going to hit it out to the right. I want red to black. Red to black. Red to black. So I get people to do that sitting in the
car driving to work. If you stop at a set of traffic lights. While the traffic lights are red just get
your imaginary table tennis bat out or have one on the seat next to you. And just practice with your left hand. Just practice that release. That is a sure way of getting your left hand
working during the golf swing. So my fourth y of trying to get your left
hand release is to use a Frisbee. If you throw a Frisbee keeping your left wrist
firm you’re not going to throw the Frisbee very well. We want to try and let the left wrist flex
to some degree. And as that wrist flexes. The Frisbee goes. So I’ll see if I can throw the Frisbee here. So you can see there it went nicely. It spun and at the end my left hand was pointing
behind me. So that’s another thing you can do in the
car on the way to work stopping at a set of traffic lights. Pretend you are throwing the imaginary Frisbee
through the car window at the car next door. Maybe not. But it’s a good thing to try. The fourth thing, To help get our left hand
release is we can get a golf tee. Which is just a rubber tee. Put it on the inside of my glove. I can wrap the glove around like that. So when I take my club and I am gripping. So what I want to see is. I want to see that golf tee pointing to my
left. I don’t want to see the golf tee pointing
up in the air. I certainly don’t want to see the tee pointing
out to the right. I want to see that golf tee pointing behind
me. If I can get that golf tee pointing behind
me it means I am going to be releasing my hands properly. So I can use a little half swing. There it is there the golf tee is pointing
behind me. And I hit that nice and crisply and pretty
straight. And just as a bonus tip. What I thought I would do is I thought I would
try and combine all of these things together. I have never done this before. This may not work. We will see how it goes. But if I can get my glove below my right hand. If I can get the swingyde rest touching my
left fore arm. If I can get the red part of my bat pointing
behind me and if I can get the golf tee pointing behind me it means I have released properly. So I can do something of that nature. I have never tried this. I wish I could throw the Frisbee like it. But I don’t have enough hands. We will see how I go. Pretty straight. Everything has released I am in the right
position. So there you go. There is actually 6 things. I threw in that bonus one at the end there
for you. There is 6 things you can work on to get your
left hand releasing. Thank you for letting me help you with your
golf. I am Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. And if you like my videos. Why don’t you subscribe by clicking on the
round avatar down the bottom there. And I look forward to seeing you again next
week for the next video and in the mean time keep trying to improve your golf.

7 thoughts on “Left Hand Golf Club Release Drill

  • man, thanks a lot for this tip. but I burst into laughter when you put every thing together. HAHA. it works though.

  • Tks for this advice. I finally know what my problem is and it adds power to my swing and it has consistant ball flight too!😀

  • I can,t hit balls very well with left arm only,but i can with right arm,i,m r/h golfer.One question does every ball go to right if you fail to cross over forearms post impact.I now realise the proper release is very important part of swing.S/J.

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