Iranian women attend football match for first time in 38 years

for the first time in almost two for
decades the Iranian women have attended a World Cup qualifier in Tehran nari Kim
dummy tells us more about the historic day cheering enjoy and blowing horns of
flag-draped Iranian women headed to their first soccer match in 38 years the
2022 World Cup qualifier between Iran and Cambodia in Tehran on Thursday
welcomed 3,500 Iranian women only 3500 tickets in the 80,000 seat stadium were
provided for women and these are sold out in less than one hour the women were
seated behind a two meter high metal fence and had to enter the studium four
hours early to keep them separate from the male supporters but despite this
many were happy just to be there this is an amazing feeling for me at least 20 to
23 years of longing and regret lies behind this Iran has banned a female
fans from stadium since 1981 under the country’s strict Islamic laws and
customs FIFA had demand the Iran allow women to stadiums after a fan set
herself on fire and died while protesting against her arrest for
attending a game they’re so excited they’re going to the stadium God willing
there will be freedom Sooners so that they can attend all matches not just the
national team matches that will be much better if I said it will be working with
the Iranian football federation to develop plans for women to attend
domestic matches in the Iranian league Kim dami
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  • in Football history of Iran R.I.P Sahar (Blue girl football of Iran) Alhamdulillah Allah will bless you and your family you are women hero of Iran football team 👐 I'm Muslim from Thailand 👐 🇮🇷 🇹🇭 👐

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