How To Replace / Rebuild Your Brake Master Cylinder

I have dismantled the cylinder Ive cleaned it all up you can take that out as well the inside is cleaned out now all the dirt has been removed we have also taken out the pistons there is a cir clip in there remove the cir clip and remove the whole lot from the end of there don’t attempt this. this is not a how to this is just how I have done it if you do you do so at your own risk there is your circlip the circlip from the end that goes at the end then you have that peice which goes in then that peice that goes down in the far end you will find down inside you may have to use a hooked tool because when its down inside it maybe hard to get it out a hooked tool can work those dentists tools hook it in there and pull it out thats the exploded view i have my kit Service kit from these people on ebay in this kit we ahve the service kit containing all the seals some leaflet and your invoice what you will need as well clean brake fluid we are going to start with this one first that’s the first one in the cylender inspect it first have a good look at it different makes are going to look different depending on make and models not all these are going to be the same have a good inspection of that first before we take it appart before we proceed what you want is a pot of brake fluid this will help to lubricate the seals as we put them in put that to one side we will start with this one get your seals out lay them out as follows

22 thoughts on “How To Replace / Rebuild Your Brake Master Cylinder

  • Informative video. Thank you for sharing. Quick question – do you not use nitrile gloves to protect you from skin contamination?

    Looking forward to your next vid.

  • hi how you doing , i have a question , the seal that its located in the midle or is the second that you change in the video is toward to where ? i mean i removed my seal at some days and now i have the new one however i cant remeber if the seal is toward to the front or to the back , the seal have the front and back side but i cant undestand if the front of the seal is toward to the first seal (back) or to the front ….thankx and hope you undestand my question since im portuguese

  • Problem. the cylinder shown looks nothing like the one I'm rebuilding. Mine is a Lockheed in a 1950 Packard.

  • Great video Scudo. I'm now ready to attempt my first master cylinder rebuild. Just curious though – What make is the master cylinder in this video? Thanks

  • This is old generation of Bosch master cylinder. Now a days modern car comes with noah master cylinder in which seals are stationary and piston are longer which moves so it is impossible to repair the seals without proper machinary only primary piston seals can be replaced with hand but that too cant say will work or not.

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  • At 11'00 '' I saw you unplugged the primary piston spring screw without first measuring the length of the spring. In the master cylinders where the spring between the two pistons is preloaded by a screw it is important to keep that preload in the reassembly because it keeps the distance between the two pistons. The compensation holes must be closed at the same time by the two pistons. If the distance between the two pistons is too low, the brake pedal's empty stroke increases. If the distance between the two pistons is too high, there is a risk that the secondary compensation hole will remain closed.

  • Great video how to chose rebuild kit I am looking 2007 Honda CRV I can't find it ,any specific product ,or any idea to help me thanks.

  • Nice video mate! I’m planning a master cylinder rebuild due to a sinking break pedal, I watched your video as a confidence boost. Cheers.

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