How to Play Volleyball : How to Spike a Volleyball

Hey, my name is Addison from Captain Bills
and I’m going to teach you how to spike a volleyball. Spiking a volleyball is probably
the most fun part of volleyball. For me, anyway. Spiking a volleyball, I am right handed, so
I take a two step approach leading with my right foot. If you’re left handed you may
want to start with your left foot. So what I do is I take a right left approach. So I
start with my right foot, so right, left, bend my knees, squat down, put my arms out
behind me with my palms facing up, and then when I’m ready to jump, I jump straight up,
not out, you want to jump straight up so use your arms to lift you up off the ground as
high as you can. You want to lead with your left arm so that you can get a better control
on the ball. So lead with your left arm, bring your other right arm, your hitting arm back,
leave with your elbow, open your hand, and follow through hitting the ball. When you
spike a ball, you want to spike the ball on the heel of your hand to the palm of your
hand. So, bend all the way down, palms facing up, arms behind you, lift up with your arms,
lead with your left hand, bring your right hand back, or your hitting hand back, leave
with your elbow, and hand facing is open, facing the ball, and hit the ball down. Following
through. Put all those steps together, you can spike a volleyball. And that’s how you
spike the volleyball.

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  • It's even more important to put topspin on the ball when playing on the beach cause you don't jump as high, which gives you a less direct angle between where you spike the ball and the court, making fundamentals more important.

    Unless the goal of beach is to try rip the shit out of it off your palm and float the ball into the ocean?

  • i am playing volleyball on sand for the first time and i am so excited. my coach told me that it really hurts your calves though, but when you get back on the courts you jump through the ceiling.

  • wen u have your arm leading 4 the spike, its called the bow and arrow technique, also you should recoil your arm, otherwise for a cognitive or learner volleyballer they would hit the net

  • i hit with my right hand too so i used to start my aproach with my RIGHT foot but my coach taught us all to start with (left right left) :// but it works anyway and i got used to it 😀

  • also if youre really short like me, you have to learn to jump high because the net is high if youre playing in middle or high school.

  • One thing he doesn't mention that I was taught was to snap your wrist when contacting the ball and follow through. This makes the ball go down faster and at a steeper angle making harder to dig up. And when he spikes it it looks like he snaps his wrist.

  • okay what, i was taught the 3 and 4 step approach. the 3 is usually when you're a middle or when you are too close to the ball. a four is when you're the outside hitter and the first step is just to help you lean forward. 2 step approach is like when the ball is right above you but that shouldn't happen if you want a good spike.

  • if you wanna learn the real way to spike talk to me…2 step might get you bye in beach half the time, but you will be laughed at in indoor. 3 or even 4 step gives you ten times more power. 2 step? back to jv you go

  • Dude incase you didn't realise that this is beach and not indoor. 2 step approach is correct ok. I was taught the 2 step by Andrew Schact Who played in the olympics.

  • @esproductions0

    He is taking a two step approach….so its right left.

    If you are right-handed and hit with your right hand, you jump off your left foot, thus the right left.

    you probably take a 3 step approach(as most do), left right left. Maybe in beach they only take 2 step approach?

    but anyways you always end up on your left.

  • the steps are wrong … its one big step with your left foot on step right foot then a small on with the right and jump !

  • Do you really need to pull your arm back like a bow? Seems like you could skip that step completely

  • @thaothi are you talking about the jumping or spiking motion? Seems like superman would pertain more to the jump than the spiking motion.

  • @thalolybeth: I agree. But that's a technicality since Addison seems to have just replaced the first step with some sort of (get-to-the-right-starting-spot-jump).

  • .. for INDOOR your spiking you would take 3 or 4 steps. if your right handed you would take a long step with your left foot and short with your right then left. so its long short short. if your left handed you would do the opposite.

  • this good for the ones who dont really know how to play volleyball. But for those who already know how to play volleiball, you're missing a lot of important moves.

  • its not that easy.. im an outside hitter and still havent mastered the art XD. but yeah, theres timing and stuff to go with it.

  • @ChocoPockyxD It's really up to u knowin how high u can jump. Just practice enough times and it will almost become a reaction.

  • @knightbabe1 you are doing the same thing, but adding an extra step at the start, he goes right foot, left foot then puts his feet together, you go left, right, left then put your feet together, you end in the same place

  • Well yea, that is how you spike a volleyball, but if you have the world's crappiest setter, you won't be able to get far. 🙂 Good job 🙂

  • so many things wrong with this…. if your right handed your approach is LEFT RIGHT LEFT and if your left handed your approach is RIGHT LEFT RIGHT. when you spike it you put your left hand up not to have controll, that doesnt have a single thing to do with it, you put it up because if you leave your arm hanging down it drags your body down so you wont be able to jump as high. ugh stupid people! get someone who actually kknows how to play!

  • @kattygirl17 He seems like a good player. why are you so mean? why do not try to make a video and show the world how good you are as a player and teacher? 19 years old It explains a lot

  • @cesaramoga first of all im not saying hes a bad player maybe those techniques work for him but thats not the right way second how do you even know that im 19 i could be wayy older or younger, you dont know that. let me tell you something, Don't make assumptions by what you see, you should know that by now…

  • @kattygirl17 I am using these facts: you said "Stupid people get someone who actually know how to play" so you are infering that he is not a good player or he is indeed a bad player. Second, Your youtube profile channel says that you are 19. and your nickname is kattygirl 17 and it was created three years ago so by logic I can make the assumption you are 19! I am sure you could be a nice girl. you can express yourself on internet the way you want but I can also criticize the fact you were mean!

  • @cesaramoga Okay idc if you think im mean or not and you can not assume by the fact that my username has 17 in it that i am 19 because 17 is my favorite number concluding that I might not be 19 so your facts on that subject are wrong. Also the stupid people I am adressing are the owners of the channel and by saying get someone who knows how to play I mean get someone who teaches the correct steps not saying he doesnt know which obviously he does cause all the other videos are decent so shut it

  • @kattygirl17 I am not going to shut it. you posted you are 19 on your channel and even if you are like 40 you seem like immature. I have played for 15 years volleyball. wow How terrible at teaching he is, he forgot to add left right left instead of left right and snap the wrist (sarcasm). You are complaining like if you paid for the service. you a phony little whinny brat complaining about everything. I blocked you and skip your annoying attitude.

  • @kattygirl17 well somehow you did not explain the fact your Youtube profile says you're 19 years old… so that's a fail right there…

  • @97codycommander 1. PEOPLE LIE, the internet isnt always right 2. stop sticking your nose in other peoples business 3. i am NOT 19, yes i lied. now shut the hell up and let it go, it was almost a month ago. You dont need to put your two sense in!

  • @kattygirl17 so yeah you lied.. That means you can also be younger, and which case your opinion would become even more irrelevant. Sure it happened a month ago, point? An open argument is still an argument

  • @GeGeMus12 You Make It Sound Like Its A Bad Thing =P You Should It Em Hard In The Face Thats The Entire Point Of Spiking…For Me =D

  • @liudxdx he's wrong.. he's hitting goofy footed.. power hitters actually are supposed to hit off 4 steps.. most do off 3.. middles is always 3 steps.

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  • never do that really open hand thing that he was doing you should have more relaxed hand but have the skill to hit at that spot, because the more tense your mucles are when hitting the less powerful your going to be in your hits but just practice this when your hitting take a deep breath and relax all of your mucles and your body especially your hitting arm also never think about hitting the ball hard because one its messes with your focus and 2nd your body gest over excited TRY IT trust me

  • Couldnt agree with you more updias In
    my first week under its program, its truly
    amazing having that quick improvement
    on my vert jumps. And in my 2weeks now
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  • its too bad i was exiled from the volleyball team tryouts for not spiking correctly, its not my fault i have a low vertical and am 5'2"

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