How to Play: Pickleball

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    Wait, I want to say something.

    How to play 13 (Big 2) (Chinese Poker)?
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  • He over exaggerated what can not be done in the kitchen. As long as you don't volley in there or you stop your momentum after a volley from taking you in there you are good.
    9.E. A player may enter the non-volley zone at any time except when that player is volleying the ball.
    USAPA & IFP Official Tournament Rulebook


    9.F. A player may enter the non-volley zone before or after returning any ball that bounces.

    9.G. A player may stay inside the non-volley zone to return a ball that has bounced. There is no violation if a player does not exit the non-volley zone after hitting a ball that bounces.

    9.H. There is no violation if a player returns the ball while his or her partner is standing in the non-volley zone.

  • Had a friend playing pickleball. Never heard if it. Watched your video. Very well presented. I think I'd like to try

  • There is no rule requiring you to leave the kitchen. The rule requires the ball bounce before you hit if you are in the kitchen.

  • There is no fault for not getting out of the kitchen. You could hit another bounced ball. It’s only a fault if you don’t get out before a volley.

  • I don’t know nothing about this and I got to play with my friends in 20 minutes and now I fell like a pro watching after watching

  • This video has been helpful, thank you. I think one of the only things that needs editing is the use of the male pronoun. We should be more inclusive of other genders.

  • I enjoyed your video. You spoke well and it was easy for me to follow your information on the games rules, positions and point system. I’m interested in learning this sport via video before I get on the court for instruction/lessons. I will watch your video again… Thanks for sharing!

  • How the HELL does the score go from 1 – 5 to…the SAME SCORE when the FIRST guy HIT IT OUT of BOUNDS!????? Isn’t it NOW 1 – 6???????

  • Good video. Serving and score is one of the more complicated aspects of the game. Here’s some more details that weren’t mentioned to help confuse you even further.

    The right side facing the net is “even”. That is the side that serves first for /every/ serve. In most cases, especially in tournaments, you flip a coin for who gets first serve and/or which side your team starts with. Details of the coin toss vary amongst tournaments.

    Secondly, you may “rally” for first serve. It’s usually the person who has a ball in their hand and/or is standing on the “even” side and/or calls “rally for serve” that starts the rally.
    *side note: don’t be the guy that calls, “rally for serve” and serves it out or in the net.

    In very informal cases (as in a bunch of beginners that you invited to play for the first time): your ball; you serve first.

    Finally, in most cases of clubs or school rules. The side of the net that is to the left facing the court from the entrance serves first or the side furthest from the entrance if the courts are vertically arranged. This is the most formal rules and the epitome of pickleball etiquette. Ironically, it’s also the easiest one to remember once explained.

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