How to Play Draw and Fade Golf Shots!

driving-range date today let’s do it okay let’s get started on our range day
today we’re gonna step it up we’re gonna be a little more precise with everything
we’re doing so first thing we want to do is shoot 50 yards that’s 56 yards so
that’s the shortest I want to go and I want to go between 50 and 75 yards and
my goal is 10 in a row so I’m taking my second wedge my second-most lofted wedge
right now it’s the 54 degree and all my shots have to land between 50 and 75 so
56 would be the minimum will go 56 to 75 I really want to make sure I’m focused
in so that’s perfect I don’t want to go too much farther than that I really
ideally want to land it right at 56 just past 56 okay so yeah I miss hit that so
that went short so I’d have to start over we want ten in a row between 50 and
75 let’s see where that goes right maybe 57 58 yards so that’s
perfect that’s what we’re looking for I need 10 in a row there okay and I’m just
memorizing that’s perfect again I don’t want to use my 60 because I feel like
that’s just too much of a full swing I want a controlled wedge swing and that’s
gonna miss hit it but still it was fine and what I’m doing here a little more
technique stuff we’re focused on on the shorter shots with your wedges
I don’t transfer my weight from my front foot to the back foot I really keep my
weight on that front foot most of the time that’s perfect I don’t you don’t
need to transfer weight that’s for speed and power and here I’m not looking for
speed in power I’m looking for control and accuracy so I’m keeping my weight
probably 80% of my weight on that front foot as I do this and then I’m really
controlling that clubface and my swing length right here and getting good rotation through that
these are all great hands slightly forward my hands just this would be
Center I’m just slightly forward and I’m really going down after that ball a
little inside to out swing trying to swing a little bit into out just right
in here good move it um okay now after that I
want you to get your pitching wedge and an alignment stick and line something up
just make sure you’re always shooting your yardage is just to make sure you
are totally locked in I like that the hundred yard sign is 111 yards so I’m
just gonna go at that I’m not worried about so much distance but I do always
want to have an idea where my distance is these are range balls but you know
with your wedges they’ll typically go about what what you normally hit they’ll
be a little bit shorter but the goal here is I want fade shots okay all shots
gonna fade now if you can’t fade the ball don’t worry about that it’s a fade
for you so if a fade for you as a 2 yard draw then that’s your fade play it if a
fade for you is a if you normally fade it good we want just a subtle fade so a
very slight left to right movement if you’re a drawer like I said figure out
what would equal a fade for you and do that so I want to go I’m gonna hit at
least ten shots but I needed I need five in a row fades before in order to move
on so that was great and just land it right of the 1 111 sign
that’s perfect so that was one in a row same set up that faded but I started it left but it
still faded so I’ll take it what I like to do when I’m fading the
ball is I try to keep a shorter swing and then accelerate through the ball
if I get long for me I start drawing it too much but if I keep that swing
shorter than normal and go it’s hard for me to turn that face over so that’s
something I like to do is just keep that swing in here and really go after it all
out and then I can it’ll just normally fade I don’t necessarily have to worry
about it too much as long as it moves left to right I’m happy just take it
back here that was perfect don’t focus on too much weight transfer
on these a little but not much I’m really trying to keep everything set up
good neutral right here you’re good to go just shorten the swing that’s perfect
let’s move on okay next up get your 8-iron and we’re gonna go to a number
specifically okay the 150 is 147 yards from right here so that’s great good
number no went there’s no wind and if you have a range if you have a range
that has green this is where you want to to do that I am going to paint visualize
a green in my mind and I need to hit eight irons to that green the goal here
with your 8-iron is to hit a green five times in a row
alright so that’s what you have to do if you hit
four and you miss one you start over you’re gonna do that for a while I want
you to really get this five in a row whatever it is whatever the distance is
with your 8-iron that’s what you want so I’m going at the 150 sign which is 147
it has to be within let’s say five yards short of that and five yards long of
that and then left to right I’m just gonna visualize a green sighs the better
you are the smaller that green should be so I would say that did not hit the
green so we’re we’re back at one little poll left okay thin but pretty much right at it a
little right I’ll take it as a green they can’t get much shorter than that or
I won’t count it that’s perfect so that’s two in a row okay that’s five five would be a good
number to hit let’s move on okay next up here’s what you want to do is get your
five iron and we’re going 3/4 shots and get your yardage for it there’s a black
pole out there that’s 176 so I want about it swing right to here right to
shoulder height shoulder to shoulder and I want to go three-quarter five irons just right there might hit the pole
right at it yeah rolled right next to it okay I want
20 quality shots like this nothing more than 3/4 that’s a good one that’s
perfect you try to understand what you’re doing we’re controlling our swing
right now and we’re working on impact zone and ball strike perfect setup make
sure everything’s square to your alignment stick you know hands are maybe
just slightly in front of Center and then my weight I’m not don’t wait
transfer is don’t get too carried away with that right it’s just a subtle
rotation and going going around if you rotate properly your weight will
transfer properly a lot of our problems come with too much
of a swing just 20 good balls and you can move on okay let’s do it we’ll move on all right
all right now get your driver out know you’re
excited about this so I’m going at the blue flag way out there in the distance
which is just it’s almost in line with the red flag okay and the goal is you
want to go draws and fades I want to go to draw and then to fades just draw some
page that’s all I’m working on remember it’s not that you hit a drawn fade it’s
that you hit a draw and fade for you if you can’t draw the ball that’s fine just
a lot less of a fade then if you’re a normal shot at the big fade we want to
work on you understanding and learning your swing and just feeling the swing so
we got to get that just one thing if you’re really working on a draw
just get that I always say front shoulder back toe front shoulder back
toe just get that shoulder over that back toe it’s gonna help and if you’re a
fader you’re probably picking the hands up so front shoulder back toe in here
and just really focus on coming inside out so I’m going to draws two fades add
a target so this is there’s the blue flag I’m going to draw right here that was great okay it drew nicely that
was one and I want twenty driver shots so good my second draw so now I like playing faith so I love I
love the fade shot and when I’m playing well typically my ball does fade so
we’ll give it a go well that was nice what I can do is shorten the swing and
accelerate through like we were doing with the with the wedge short swing
accelerate through it really works and it takes a lot of danger out of your
golf swing keep it short and I could just go after that it fades nicely
another trick you could try for a draw is just with your set up a little more
right lateral bend here that could help promote a draw so that’s all I’m gonna
do set up where I’m comfortable more a little more right lateral bend and just
do it whew that was the best little draw I
played that was great I love that one because if you tilt back a little bit
it’s just you’re hitting a little more on the upswing and you can’t come over
the top if you’re swinging up it’s just it’s impossible so get a little more
Bend down with your right shoulder right here and and try that yeah that was good that’s what I like
right there and really go after it so that was
really hit well so two draws two fades each one keep going back and forth at
least 20 shots 20 quality shots okay do that and then we’re not done yet
let’s move on okay last bit here you guys are doing awesome
let me know how you’re doing keep me posted because I want to know a lot of
you have wanted a little more kind of instruction during the practices where
we’ve just been practicing so I’m trying to provide that a little bit but I don’t
want us to get too technical with this okay I want it to really be just
practice and working hard on getting better but get your sand wedge or not
your highest lofted wedge your next one down this is my 54 back to the 54 right
and now where we started now I’m doing 20 shots 3/4 swings what I’m doing is I
don’t want to go home after swinging my driver I want to go home after a
controlled swing these are so much easier to hit so you
want control here you’re basically doing a cool-down like any other sport you
would do a warrant a cool-down that’s what you’re doing it’s kind of like
stretching after you would did a workout that’s what we’re doing here
stretching three-quarter that’s today’s what are we on day 19 we’re almost done
we’re getting there we’re getting better we’re learning how to practice and what
to do for practice so we can’t improve all areas of our game this is driving
range day it’s gonna be a great week you guys are doing awesome comment below
again like the video let me know what’s happening with you and your scores in
your game share the video tell your friends all
right just here for you if you like any of the products that I’m using but I
guess whatever I have links below for all the stuff I use and recommend and so
check that out I love you guys see you in the next video

28 thoughts on “How to Play Draw and Fade Golf Shots!

  • Awesome tips. I always struggle hitting a draw. I'll put these drills in play on my channel to see if I can't hit that draw more consistently.

  • Your channel is awesome. I scrolled thru all your videos in the past to present. Why you haven't done a full video on golf swing from start to finish. Your teaching method is very easy to follow. Do a golf swing instruction and it will help many of us beginners. Thanks

  • Great practice. Was able to draw and fade driver today. Guys this is sure working for me. I’m an old guy 90 mph swing speed tops. Today on a muddy course with no roll I got up and down 8 times on all the greens I missed except the one I put it in the water. Still scrambled out a par 72 with the penalty stroke. Its not the distance it’s keeping it in play then getting up and down. Thanks Mr Shortgame

  • Been working on your drills. 18hcap. Thanks for the great help, will be back at it in the new year. Played wet, soft course today in the rain for my last round of the year and shot 9 over par for my second best round of the year.

  • Love how they upgraded that range recently. Between there and Woodley, two great places to work on your game. Nice videos btw

  • I love the way you rotate through the ball – cover the ball in more recent terminology. As someone who struggles to do that very well – my lower body gets ahead and I can hit blocks or pulls – and my shoulders can get very steep – do you have any advice about keeping everything in sync. Or is that the aim of the two draws, two fades routine? Thanks for your posts..

  • Loving your channel !! ive dropped another 3-4 strokes in the past 3 weeks with the drills and tips. plan on consistently staying under 90 with in the next 2 months and stay at a 15-16 handicap until summer comes around. Thanks again!!

  • To hit fades with your short irons do you just set your feet left of target with a square club face or do you have to open the clubface first then set your feet left of target?

  • How do I stop pulling my wedge shots to the left? I have weakened my grip as much as I possibly can and that helps but when I have to hit a full wedge shot I keep on pulling the ball left even with the weakened grip. Should I just aim quite a bit to the right of my target and just go with that or is there anything else I can do to straighten out the full wedge pull to the left.

  • Great video. Which software or device did you use to show flight path? Also. You should continue to use that because it helps to see the ball light and where they end up.

  • In these drills you hit X in a row of same shot. Please discuss in a future video what role, if any, variation plays in practice. For instance, hitting shots in your 3×3 matrix of draw/fade high/low, dynamically changing to a different shot on each shot. What value, if any, might this have. If we wanted to train using variation, how might we do it to get the most out of our training time?

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