How to Find Oil Leaks in Your Car and Fix Them

one, two, three, four! rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel,
if your car is leaking oil, then stay tuned, because today I’m going to show
you how to find oil leaks on your engine and how to fix them, of course the first
thing to do is to figure out what kind of oil it is, so touch it with your hands,
just stick your hands in there and grab some and in this case it’s obvious, it’s
engine oil feels like engine oil, smells like engine oil, so I’ll get some of this
ultraviolet leak detector and pour it a little bit in the engine oil, I’ll pour
about a quarter of an ounce right in the engine oil, then I’ll use this cool
ultraviolet light to find where the green dye is coming out,
I’ll also be wearing these funky yellow sunglasses, because they make the dye
show up more, you can get kits at any auto parts store that has these and
there’s the leak there’s a hole in the oil pan, the customer told me that she
went over a railroad track too fast broke a whole bunch of stuff under here, so in
this case time to put on a new oil pan just remove all the bolts that hold it
on, then get a little chisel and pry it off, off comes the pan, now if you notice
this old oil pan doesn’t have a gasket it uses a glue and when I change them I
always use this right stuff from Permatex it’s a gasket sealer that
always seals, just make a beat of the sealer the whole way around the oil
pan and put all the bolts back in, and put the pan on the engine,
then of course put oil back in the engine before you start it up, then start
her up and check for leaks and voila it’s all dry under here now, so
the next time your car starts dripping oil, why not fix it yourself, and remember if
you’ve got any car questions just visit Scotty and I’ll answer them as soon as I get back from this ride!

100 thoughts on “How to Find Oil Leaks in Your Car and Fix Them

  • Scotty got a question..our 2006 dodge Dakota has had no problems at all since we owned it but now it has a moderate oil misting on the front axle and cv joints when run for more then 30-35 minutes at operating temp…could it be oil seal leaking?

  • hello Scotty, I have an mx5 mk1 with an oil leak. it is coming from the cam oil seals. The strange thing about this is that I change the oil seals a month ago. So, is anything else that made the oil seals to wear out that fast?

  • Got back from the dealership, I was told that my timing cover is leaking. I find this odd because I don't find any spots of oil in the garage.

    I am getting a second opinion from a family-trusted mechanic to see if there are any oil leak complications. Since my car is relatively new, a 2001 Toyota Corolla with 64 k miles, I find it odd.

  • on my 76 ih scout ii traveler, theres oil under the tranny, under where the tranny ends and meets a thing that connects both the front and rear drive shafts together and it's all covered in oil, what are your recommendations for solving and repairing, what do the different types of oil smell and feel like etc

  • my truck a 94 chevy s10 2.2l has a new engine about 250 miles on it and it barely started leaking then it leaked alot one day and I went on about 40 mile trip when I checked the oil which was on the max line when i left I got home opened the door it smelled like oil and was smoking oil was all over the undercarriage on the cats and everything leaking it had oil all over the driveway and when I checked the oil it barely read anything but a drop on the dipstick what could it be in don't want to put oil in it so it can leak again and ideas?

  • with the sealant shouldn't it go on the inside of the bolt holes to prevent the oil somehow leaking through the bolt holes?

  • you should put the gasket material around the inside edge of the bolt hole not the outside. if you put it around the outside you can get leaks through the bolt hole.

  • i have engine oil dripping from a bolt near my oil filter and my car is a mitsubishi galant 99 2.4l how can i fix that leak i suspect o rings of some kind what can i do pls help

  • At Scotty Kilmer. I have a 98 acura 2.3 cl automatic 4 cylinder. And on the highway when going @about75 mph it's at around 3000 rpm. Is this bad or is normal for my older car? Please help lol

  • Hi Scotty
    Skoda Octavia 2.o FSI 150hp front wheel 2oo5 petrol
    Just wondering you it is not so clear!
    Do you spin a drop in any place you want to detect if its leaking? in my case I would use it to check if steering wheel oil or radiater liquid is leaking, then should I run the engine for a while to make the DYE move in the pipes and engine? or NOT?

    And would old leak now show shiny? and only fresh one?

  • I have an Audi 2.0 fsi from 2005. There seems to be a dark patch under the car, under the position of the drivers seat (right hand drive). It must be dripping very slowly as the dark patch is only slightly damp but it leaves a dark patch when it dries. I've checked engine oil, brake fluid and coolant. Do you have any idea what could be leaking from that position?


  • I have oil leaking in the oil filter. Can I re tighten the filter to see if that fixes it or just change the oil and filter?

  • Scotty i have just bought another pint of ATP Reseal 205. I used some last year i'm going to change the oil mid summer this year. The reseal wont ruin anything in future or at all will it. I like to do this as a preventitive measure for the rear main oil seal in my Nissan Xterra last year i had a wet spot used some and was really dry after about a month after driving. So noticing a drip or spot again after winter now i think it's time to use again.What do you think Other than changing seal?

  • Scotty, I've watched a lot of your videos. They're all great. Clear, concise information that everybody can understand. Easy to follow instructions, peppered with helpful tips, and to top if off you keep it funny, interesting and PG 13 so I don't have to put on me earphones. Thank you

  • Scotty your videos are awesome. i just told a friend to look you up because she was told that she has a leaking oil pan but she can't afford to replace the oil pan right now. i don't known the make and model of her car just yet but I'm wondering if an oil pan leak can be patched or fixed if it's not leaking from the gasket? what's the cheapest way to temporarily fix an oil pan leak? thanks!

  • Scotty I have a 1984 d150 that was rebuilt it has leaks. the guy is saying that the truck is just old. that the leaks it has can't exactly be fixed since it's old and some parts get warped but it has new seals and gaskets. is he right in some ways? I have replaced a gasket seal on transmission and still leaked. even with a new seal

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  • I have oil all over my engine start at just below the spark plugs. How do I find which gasket my leak is coming from ?

  • Is this also work for Harley street bike oil drain thread..I got loss my thread on my bike..thanks

  • lol Nice Vid , Must be nice when your headers don't block your oil pan. SON OF A *%&^ #*(@& #*@( @*(#. Ok I feel better now 🙂

  • Got a good laugh out of that but I'm the real side I took a tour of Niagara Falls and the fella said that there was a school teacher way way back when she went over the falls I guess and car inner tubes and she lived I thought I'd throw that in there

  • I have a Chrysler 300C 2005 I replace the oil switch and the oil switch connector and my engine light is still on and keeps reading low pressure oil switch and I changed it three times now I'm looking at I see is wet a little around the oil pan any ideas if it's the oil pump and sometimes I lose compression and I have to get my car a little bit more gas all my gears are shifting fine I just said sometimes it feels like I'm losing compression please help

  • Because it's not the oil pan.
    The viggest leak was a busted oil cap. Replaced that, still looses oil. Almost a quart every 1500-2000km.
    Which is a lot.
    Already checked and no kind of smoke coming from the exhaust or from the engine

  • I have a bike that has a leak in the oil filter cover i was told to seal it with clear silicone becaise it doesnt have a gasket or o ring of some sort. Is this the best option to seal it up so it doesnt leak??

  • can you do Audi A6 V8 5.2 Quattro oil leak repair and point out each place it can leak and what I parts are needed and the prices of each and locations where it needs to be changed

  • I hit a hole in the road lastnight. Twenty minutes later my car was knocking. So so I found a couple of leaks on the back side of my motor I drive a stick shift 06 Ford Fusion 4 cylinder. It looked like maybe a gasket was messed up.maybe two

  • Dealership charged me 3100 to replace a rear main seal but I never saw a leak.they claimed it only lakes while running.21 days later oil light came back in and they blamed the mileage on car and another center found a split in pcv hose and bad pcv valve.they charged me 6 times the cost of replacing a rear seal.

  • I went in for just an oil change they came back with all these complaints agreed to let them fix the leak they say costed 3100 and the oil light came back on 21 days later had ruined the motor.suing in small claims for a knew motor and a full refund of 3100 dealership only offered half money back or installation of motor free if I buy motor. They crazy gonna do both

  • He makes seems so easily done 🤣 great job and what wonderful vibe and spirit he has to bad I don’t live in Michigan anymore to let you fix on my cars

  • My engine is leaking oil, or something, from the top, somewhere, I cannot figure it out, it's driving me crazy

  • Sir. This Patient is Leaking Oil from the front right-hand Passenger side, So what could it be Sir. It's a 2006 SS Monte Carlo ???? 🚗🛢️

  • Scooty, how many cars do you own. Some might say its your costumers, but they let you rev em up and drag em?😅😅
    If so, your costumers love you alot

  • Scotty I need help!!

    It seems like my Mercedes has had some oil leaks lately and it's making the whole interior smell like a mix of oil and old leather(cause of the seats)

    What should I do?

  • God I love this guy. UV oil detection. Amazing. UV light at walmart for like $10 or less (can't remember, exactly).

  • hey Scotty Kilme good day nice one can you please tell me how to now mazda 5 2008 0il leak too much to lose where does it start normaly oil leak thank you

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