How The U.S. And China Are Fighting For Global Power

In his trade conflict with China,
President Trump has made big demands and big claims that his tariffs on
Chinese imports will force Beijing to give in. I think we will make a deal with
China. I really think they want to. I think they sort of have to. The reality is more complicated.
President Xi Jinping has leverage too. Available data about the Chinese
economy shows plenty of trouble. Stocks on the Shanghai Composite Index
declined 25% last year. China reported 2018 growth of 6.6%. The slowest in
30 years. The question is why? Nick Lardy an expert at the
Peterson Institute for International Economics says the biggest factor is Beijing’s
own internal economic policies. Trump’s tariffs he says have made China’s
economy only slightly worse. But the tariffs have also hurt America’s
economy. Wall Street has grown jittery, U.S. growth is slowing, and unlike
Xi Jinping whose term is unlimited Trump faces voters next year. All
those factors would seem to point toward the two largest economies making a
modest compromise. Just like the deal Trump made with Canada and Mexico
to revise NAFTA Called U.S.M.C.A. Sort of just works. Trade specialists say
Xi won’t eliminate his signature Made in China 2025 program or wipe
out Beijing’s huge trade surplus in two years as Trump has demanded. But
Beijing might agree to bring down that surplus by purchasing more U.S. goods
and open new markets to American exporters. If Trump portrays that as
a White House victory Beijing won’t mind because in some ways Trump’s
America First policy has been helping China. By exiting the Trans-Pacific
Partnership and roiling U.S. allies Trump has opened the door for a
larger Chinese role in global trade. I think the Chinese were ecstatic that
the United States pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership And that is an element of the
Trump that they’re very, very pleased with and they are taking advantage of
it. They want to create a regional economic trading system that revolves around
China and not one in which the U.S. is involved
much less a major player By diminishing other international
commitments he enlarges China’s opportunity for expanded influence through
its Belt and Road Initiative of overseas investment It’s planned as
one of the largest and most comprehensive development projects
in human history. They are relentlessly seeking control of
ports and raw materials flows all over Africa. I mean it is such a
nakedly neocolonial strategy. And by downplaying human rights Trump has relieved a
non-economic source of American pressure on the authoritarian Chinese regime. Just
as President Trump predicts big economic benefits from a China
trade deal, his aides insist the administration is upholding American influence
in other ways. A White House spokesman questioned the idea
that Trump has downplayed human rights at all and noted that
the administration is pursuing economic, security and governance cooperation with
countries in the Indo-Pacific region without TPP. In addition to trade
Vice President Pence said recently that cooperation includes infrastructure
projects better than the “unsustainable poor quality” kind in
China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Know that the United States offers a better option. We don’t drown
our partners in a sea of debt. We don’t coerce or compromise your
independence. The United States deals openly and fairly. We do not offer
a constricting belt or a one way road. When you partner with us we
partner with you. And we all prosper Even if the Trump administration can
reach a bilateral trade deal with China experts like Larry Diamond
worry that Beijing’s broader effort to expand its global power may work at
the expense of America and the Western world. I really cannot imagine a
more realistic scenario for the future shape of the world not inevitable
but plausible that is more frightening than having an unreconstructed
and increasingly neo-totalitarian, Orwellian Chinese Communist Party state being
the dominant and hegemonic superpower in the world. The alternative to
that has got to be a comprehensive strategy lead by the world’s democracies
to project our own values of freedom, democracy, personal autonomy and
innovation, freedom of ideas and information and to counter the Chinese narrative.

84 thoughts on “How The U.S. And China Are Fighting For Global Power

  • What do you think of the tactics China is using to exert influence around the world? Is President Trump countering in the right way?

  • for whatever reason USA Has Been at War 93% of the Time – 222 out of 239 Years – Since 1776.. i guess its hobby

  • Haha. The thing is Trump have made better deal with each its allies than under Obama. Unemployment is declining, Economic growth is going up.

  • Busy improving temporary things.Even if you have all the power in this world don't ever forget that all we have here will be gone someday,forever.May God role the world.

  • Trump got his ASS kicked, kicked and kicked again. LMAO!! When the orange ape man open his mouth he is lying.

  • US citizen should start to overthrow their deep state control government. Otherwise they will keep sunking as country and nation. Looks like they will have civil war in near future

  • My prediction is there won't be one super power in the world but multiple super power will arise. Hey! Variety is the spice of life.

  • China is the longest continuously existing polity in the world, five thousands of years of Chinese history, it’s inarguably one of and often the most advanced country in the world, it is return to what China used to be

  • In China, there is a saying that dogs jump on walls. It means that dogs jump on walls when they are in danger. It feels very suitable for President Trump.

  • All super power from the past and now
    Spain empire
    British empire
    Mongol empire
    And now is the united stated but time change is everyone now China is coming as the new super power and who took them over there United Stated

  • Exactly, the commie china regime uses all means, steal, cheat, cyberhack, espionage to replace USA as the world sole super power.

  • The world had witness the installation of democracy in Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Venezuela, and the latest Syria. Is China turn.

  • China's heading into recession within 18 months. By mid 2020 the recession will have well and truly begun. This will impact globally and things will slow down even further. 5 years beyond then we could even see negative growth in China which could spell absolute disaster. The west will be better insulated as countries that rely on slave labor are hit the hardest as the 4th industrial additive manufacturing revolution kicks in between 2025 to 2035, By that stage the global balance of economic power will have migrated away from China into other Asian nations, who will grow rapidly and see full employment for at least half a decade. This isn't great news for China and could trigger higher unemployment in the years ahead and potentially some civil unrest, so it's going to be a challenge for them going forward. Notwithstanding, if they tread carefully they could avoid full blown civil war. It will be an interesting decade ahead, with the Moon being projected as the next big industrial frontier and beyond 2030, preparations for Mars landing around 2035 to 2040. Apart from the various wars that could arise over coming years, that is the projected history of Earth going forward.

  • I do not want to live in a world where the main superpower of the world is a totalitarian/communist regime.

  • 6.6% is a low growth rate and it will make China collapse, great argument. So when will other countries with lower growth rate break down? I am curious about that result

  • China is probably gonna build their military like Hitler and conquer small hongkong and the world. By thn Taiwan, hongkong, Macau, the US and all southeast asia will bow to china

  • Usings US own tactics agains them just in a more humane way without the side wars, amazing, go China! The world will finnaly be free of the US tyrany

  • I bet these people are laughing at the jokes – LOL Progressive America
    The bombing list
    Korea and China 1950-53 (Korean War)
    Guatemala 1954
    Indonesia 1958
    Cuba 1959-1961
    Guatemala 1960
    Congo 1964
    Laos 1964-73
    Vietnam 1961-73
    Cambodia 1969-70
    Guatemala 1967-69
    Grenada 1983
    Lebanon 1983, 1984 (both Lebanese and Syrian targets)
    Libya 1986
    El Salvador 1980s
    Nicaragua 1980s
    Iran 1987
    Panama 1989
    Iraq 1991 (Persian Gulf War)
    Kuwait 1991
    Somalia 1993
    Bosnia 1994, 1995
    Sudan 1998
    Afghanistan 1998
    Yugoslavia 1999
    Yemen 2002
    Iraq 1991-2003 (US/UK on regular basis)
    Iraq 2003-2015
    Afghanistan 2001-2015
    Pakistan 2007-2015
    Somalia 2007-8, 2011
    Yemen 2009, 2011
    Libya 2011, 2015
    Syria 2014-2015
    Don't forget the native Indians, Mexicans and the civil wars

  • You don't even believe in your own values!!! You circumvent free speech by imprisoning Julian Assange and other whistleblowers when they question the government! You removed Morsi even though he was democratically elected and replaced him with a ruthless dictator, Sisi! You are all hypocrites, and what you are really fighting for isn't freedom… it's American HEGEMONY.

  • Freedom and democracy…..they are important,but I think there is something more valuable than them.Only when the material is satisfied, will the spirit be pursued,fact is there are still so many poor people in China,is democracy really the goal what they are pursuing at this stage? For those people,they don‘t have the extra time to learn politics,they just want their government to be their“father”,father loves his children,and children respect their father.

  • I know a friend who was born on the same day xi jingping was born

    Also apparently living in a communist country doesn't affect you that much according to that same friend

  • 我总感觉贸易战是中国和美国之间的一场戏,利用贸易战来血洗其他小国的价值,为的是重新建立国际新秩序,最后的得利者则是中国和美国

  • USA have been destroyed many countries around the world for 200 years its existence. Now i look forward for them destroying itself

  • There can be global extent but there is power , no man and no nation and no civilization had or can possess entirely global power, the past had shown us that any great one who set out in ambition for that has lasted as it did, don't waste your time and efforts in the repetition, do better and more better things .

  • China may very well be the number 1 super power because of their constant drive to undermine countries governments for their global plan of dominance or in their minds our slavery..

  • Yep the alternative to the China's ascendance is the way we have done it – slavery, propping up generals and dictators, colonization and exploitation, killing off the natives and taking over their countries – yep we are the best

  • ☝️ a country must prioritize and protect its own products or products from co- territories / friends… 👍
    ☝️*a government must protect its own people and promotes legal laws & sense of equality & balance*

  • USA starts with a baggage – a very big bad baggage of killing millions of people in the middle east and no matter how much blah blah blah democracy blah blah blah it says … the world know

    youtube, twitter, facebook, cnbc, msnbc, cnn, abc dbc kbc xyz bbc …. are all puppets of the west … that spreak fake news … just like Iraq had weapons of mass destruction… no one believes USA

  • Greetings . IN REALITY THE UNITED STATES and CHINESE are fighting over influence in PAKISTAN .As mansion in the WALL STREET JOURNAL . I hope THE UNITED STATES will come on top.For herself for Pakistan and for the world .Thanks

  • Just look at how smug Pence is when he talks about America being "better", complete with that little grin at the end after rolling out his barrel of lies. He sounds almost like a used car salesman! Despite all the problems evident in his country and that are the reason why many countries prefer to work with China. Him and his ilk who live in their superiority complex bubble will be left behind in the annals of history.

  • Unfortunately this is way overdue, but the US is way behind the curve. The US is not even engaging in the information war leaving the People clueless to the why, much less the how. If the US doesn't up its game bigtime and fast, we will lose the war before even realizing how deep we're in it!

  • I don't think most Chinese are interested in becoming a global power. They remembered the terrible history of being bullied and just don't want to be bullied again.

  • Americans fight with international bullying, dishonesty, muscle and gunpowder…
    The Chinese fight with non interference in nations internal affairs, cooperation and most important: intellect.
    Have any doubt on who will lead the world starting in a very very near future?
    The world is pretty tired of watching arrogant America telling world leaders what to do!

  • China is building roads, bridges, schools, train stations, stadiums, power stations, huge dams etc in Africa and elsewhere…
    The only thing Americans build abroad are military camps, missile sites and forts!

  • Prophet Elvis mbonye said that very soon China will experience a recession which will even threaten Beijing government.

  • Looks like we are going to learn the hard way what communism is all about. Everyone seems fooled by their new smart business suits. Not for Long. We will wake up when we realize the communist are now the only ones wearing business suits.

  • That smirk the Chinese leader has soon will go away.Wake up the Chinese people.Free China from Communism.

  • This video is a total wank!!

    "We want to be the single most powerful country to dominate the world now & forever. So anyone that can challenge us is BAD –> EVIL. God forbids if it is of a non Anglo culture as well. Purge this unclean blasphemous thought." This is the U.S. government narrative. BTW this is the typical ideology of any Empire believing it is on the decline.
    GROW UP … democracy and any other political ideas are all made up by people and not some religious BS to be worshiped. Political ideology is secondary to quality leadership.

    Look after your people first. Make sure everyone get a fair share of the wealth and opportunities that a country can often (like the America of the 1950s-60s) and not the "NOW" with the elites (10% of the population) owning 90% of the wealth. The rest of the population seeing a dim future. With more and more people having to work multiple low paying jobs to keep their heads above water. People getting a "fair share" is perhaps the most important thing that the U.S. government can do for its people as we move into the IR 4.0 world. You think outsourcing/offshoring is bad, wait till when we have full automation and an AI driven world. It not that far away!

    Forget this world domination BS!! It will be a better place when it is a multipolar world. Why the hell would you want just the U.S. or China or both or any single country to dominate the world.

  • This video is not visible in my liked playlist. Youtube has been
    shadow-banning some videos. I have witnessed this kind of censorship on
    Youtube since before 2016. But it has gotten way worse.

  • China is ALREADY the new superpower. They're building railroads with high speed train routes all through Indo-china area as well as new bridges and highways. Instead of walls.🙄

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